Demonic Pantheon



Unholy Symbol: Iron thorn drawing a drop of blood from the lower edge of a pair of feminine lips.
Temple:* brothels, dungeons, elegant manors, hidden cathedrals
Worshipers: assassins, rapists, shadow-using creatures, succubi, whores
Minions: bats, charmed or dominated humanoids, lilitus, shadow demons, shadows, succubi.
Obedience: Engage in any number of sexual acts, during which at least a pint of blood must be shed.
Gain a +4 profane bonus on saves against blindness and charm effects.

1: The Lady’s Charms (Sp) charm person 3/day, darkness 2/day, or suggestion 1/day
2: Instant Blindness (Sp) Three times per day, you can cast quickened blindness/deafness.
3: Dominate Thrall (Sp) Once per day, you may cast dominate monster. You may only have one creature dominated at a time via this effect, but the effects are permanent until you dominate a new target, at which point the previous target is released from domination but is stunned for 1d4 rounds.

Malcanthet is the queen of succubi and the patron of hedonists and those who use their charms to control and ruin those around them.
Malcanthet dwells on an exquisitely beautiful layer of Āpātāḷas known as Kāmukatā. To the casual observer, this realm might seem like a hedonistic paradise—in a way, this is exactly what it is. The problem for visitors is that it serves only as Malcanthet’s paradise, and the Queen of the Succubi often takes great pleasure in the torment and ruin of her guests.
Malcanthet is served in her palace by numerous incubi and succubi, along with a cabal of 13 lilitu bards called the Radiant Sisters. These lilitus do not exhibit their kind’s notorious intolerance for other lilitus or succubi, and their songs can be heard throughout Malcanthet’s palace at all times, haunting and erotic melodies that can have unwelcome effects on those whom Malcanthet has not invited into her realm.
Among the demon lords, Malcanthet’s greatest allegiances are with her sometime lovers Pazuzu (with whom she has sired numerous particularly deadly succubi children) and Demogorgon (with whom she has sired things best left unmentioned) She has had trysts with most of the other demon lords, although these were idle affairs engineered by the Queen of the Succubi to gain some favor or prize. Many other minor demon lords such as Shami-Amourae and Lynkhab vie for the title of Queen of the Succubi, but none have been able to usurp Malcanthet from her throne as of yet.
She has long been in conflict with Yeenoghu, and her only contact with him now is when she sends armies to his realm to assault his kingdom (or vice versa). The exact source of their conflict is unclear, but it seems tied to the Maures, a powerful family of wizards who dwelt years ago in a massive castle on Syrik. Among the Maures, Malcanthet’s greatest servant was a woman named Elluvia. Other factions in the Maure family served Yeenoghu, and when Elluvia attempted a coup to gain control over the family’s holdings (with Malcanthet’s support), the resulting magical catastrophe ruined the entire family and left none (except perhaps Malcanthet herself) the victor. In any event, Malcanthet and Yeenoghu have been at war ever since.
Only her relationship with Graz’zt is worse. Malcanthet maintains that she spurned [[Graz’zt]] for being unworthy of her attentions eons ago when he tried to court her, and that his wounded pride created the legendary rift between the two. [[Graz’zt]], of course, maintains the opposite. In any event, the conflict between these two is less one of open warfare and more one of constant scheming on how best to upset and ruin the other’s realms and plans.

Deity Stats

Domains Rank Alignment Favored Weapon Portfolio
Chaos, Charm, Destruction, Evil, Madness, Pleasure, Trickery Demon Lord Chaotic Evil Whip lust, madness, ruin, temptation


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