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A ship of the line or liner was a type of naval warship constructed from the 2nd century G.D through to the mid-4th century to take part in the naval tactic known as the line of battle, in which two columns of opposing warships would maneuver to bring the greatest weight of broadside guns to bear. Since these engagements were almost invariably won by the heaviest ships carrying the most powerful guns, the natural progression was to build sailing vessels that were the largest and most powerful of their time.

Length: 230’
Width: 35’
Height: 30’
Draft: 30’
Masts: 3

Ship Stats

Control Device Crew (Min/Max) Decks Load Cap (in tons) Market Price Sailing Check Size
steering wheel 56 / 600 6 250 220,000gp Profession sailor (Sails) Colossal

Ship Combat Stats

AC and Hardness Arms Base Save CMB/CMD HP (Oars, Sails) Ramming Damage
2 / 5 5 +9 +8 / 18 1320 (NA / 480) 10d8

Ship Speed

Acceleration (Sail/Oar) Maneuver (Sail/Oar) Means of Propulsion Propulsion Wind Speed (Knots) per hour (x1 / x2 / x3 / x4) Oar Speed (Knots) per hour (x1 / x2) Wind Speed (feet) per round (x1 / x2 / x3 / x4) Oar Speed (feet) per round (x1 / x2)
10 / NA Poor / NA 120 squares of sail wind or current 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 NA / NA 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 NA / NA


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