Aryaman is one of the early Indian deities. His name signifies “bosom friend”, “play-fellow” or “companion”. He is the third son of Aditi. He is an Aditya. He is supposed to be the chief of the manes and the Bavan Astral Plane (aryamṇáḥ pánthāḥ) is supposed to be his path. He was commonly invoked together with the deities Varuṇa and Mitra, also with Bhaga, Bṛhaspati, and others. In the Ṛgveda there are two major groups of gods, the Devas and the Asuras. Unlike in later Vedic texts and in Hinduism, the Asuras are not yet demonized. Aryaman in Ṛgveda is an Asura, Mitra and Varuna being their most prominent members. Aditi is the mother of Adityas, led by Varuna and Mitra.
The Hindu marriage oaths are administered with an invocation to Aryaman being the witness to the event.

Deity Stats

Domains Rank Alignment Favored Weapon Portfolio
Charm, Good, Pleasure, Void. Lesser Neutral Good. Bagh Nakh TBD


Syrik's Drunken Sailing satheyo satheyo