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Andreia sees the world as a deadly place, filled with perpetual challenges and trials for those who battle for justice and defend the weak and innocent. Her followers should always act with honor and chivalry, and to uphold justice. Danger is to be faced head-on, with calm and resolve. Those who defeat evil are rewarded with Glory, while those who uphold the tenets of the Arch-paladin are rewarded with Virtue.
The faith of Andreia is a very militaristic one, launching crusades against evil and championing causes. As one would expect, many soldiers, city watchmen, mercenaries, and others who make their living by the sword find themselves honoring the Archpaladin.
Priests of Andreia often travel the world on orders from their superiors to seek out and destroy evil. Older priests often work as strategists, military instructors, or judges.
Novices of Andreia are known as the Blessed. Full priests are called the Glorious or, collectively, the Valorous Host. Other titles used by Andreian priests are Hero of the Third Rank, Hero of the Second Rank, Hero of the First Rank, Champion of Glory, Knight Gallant, Knight Courageous, Knight Valiant, and Knight Champion. Senior priests are called Paragons, while those who command armies are known as Paragon-Generals. These titles are separate from duty-titles such as postulant, novitiate, professed priest, cloistered cleric, affirmed priest, and templar. They are also separate from ranks within the temple hierarchy such as bishop and abbot. In everyday use, senior priests are called Father or Mother, while lesser priests are known as Brother or Sister. There is also an elite order of priests known as the Golden Lances.
Priestly vestments include chain mail and red robes with gold trim.
Large numbers of paladins in Talar follow Andreia, as she herself is one. Because of this, and her utter dedication to Law and Good, paladins of Andreia can be among the most devout, albeit overbearing, people on the Material Plane. The ancient Talrik hero Javert of Castille is credited with establishing the first order of paladins among the Talrik tribes before the forming of state. Saint Valjean the valorous, another paladin, is honored by a group of Andreians called the Order of the True Spirit.
Andreian services and holy texts are all in the Old Sacré language. Services to Andreia include triumphant battle hymns, offerings to gold statues of the god, and the sharing of hearty, strengthening foods such as meat, and full-bodied red wine (in moderation).
The Tests of Valor
Before advancing in rank, priests of Andreia must clearly demonstrate their bravery, honor, and sense of justice. The exact nature of these tests varies, but they are revealed through prayer and divinely-inspired visions. They can range from tests of fortitude that can be completed within the temple to crusades against the forces of evil.

Deity Stats

Domains Rank Alignment Favored Weapon Portfolio
Glory, Good, Law, Nobility, Protection, War. Greater Lawful Good War Lance (in the form of a Glaive) Chivalry, Courage, Good, Honor, Justice, Valor.


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