Agni is the most popular god of the Bavs as is evident from the number of hymns addressed to him in the scripture. Fire is central to all Bav rituals. In terms of importance, he is next only to Aditi, the mother of the Baghvanan deities and creator of Mātr̥bhūmi. All the offerings in the Baghvanan sacrifices are invariably offered to Agni and through him to the other deities. Agni is thus the primary recipient of all Baghvanan sacrifices. In the body he is represented by the eyes and by the digestive fire. Before the emergence of Shiva as the god of Bav trinity, Agni was the god of destruction both feared and revered by the worshippers. Symbolically he represents insatiable desire and hunger, for food.

Deity Stats

Domains Rank Alignment Favored Weapon Portfolio
Chaos, Fire, Pleasure, Renewal, Travel. Intermediate Chaotic Neutral Kampilan Sword TBD


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