One of Baghvana’s most honored goddesses is Aditi. The name means “limitless.” In that respect, it fits her well because she is considered to be all encompassing.
A strong and mighty deity, Aditi is also called Mother Space. As such, she is credited with giving birth to the planets and the stars, which in turn tie her to the seven dimensions of the cosmos. It is said that she has a special connection to the Astral Plane, although that connection is never fully explained.
Considered a highly benevolent and gentle goddess, Aditi holds an honored position in the pantheon of Indian gods and goddesses. She is the goddess of the past as well as the goddess of the future. She is also the keeper of the light that illuminates all life and ensures consciousness.
Aditi was given as consort to Kasyapa. She gave birth to many children including Vishnu (in his early stages of life) and Krishna (in the latter stages). He is, of course, a figure of great import among the Bavs. Aditi’s son Mitra was god of the sun while her son, Varuna, was god of the moon. Another of her children, the great goddess Indra, was called the mother of kings because her children fathered a long line of rulers.
However, Aditi is best known as the mother of the Adityas. These children were armed in her honor and were later associated with the signs of the zodiac. They were also believed to protect Baghvana from all illness and catastrophe.
All of this would certainly seem to make Aditi the ultimate mother; having given birth to those who, in turn, brought life to everything else including plants, animals, and human beings. She became the guardian of all life and the supporter of all creatures.
It is in this latter role, that her people often seek her assistance in much the same way that a human child would turn to his or her mother. Her children ask for help from everything from sickness to sin. She, in turn, assists them in finding the path that will bring them the happiness and contentment they deserve.
The goddess Aditi is often shown in the guise of the cow. The reference is considered particularly honorable because of the nurturing parallel. She sustains all life and nourishes the earth in much the same way that a cow nurtures and nourishes human beings with its milk.
Some claim that, while Aditi is always present even though she cannot be seen, that she will make herself fully visible at the advent of the apocalypse. It is then that she will wrap her children in her eternal cloak and protect them for all eternity.

Deity Stats

Domains Rank Alignment Favored Weapon Portfolio
Community, Healing, Prophecy, Strength, Time, War. Greater Neutral Good Chakram TBD


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