Syrik's Drunken Sailing

Dio's Journal - Volume 6

The ocean, as I have come to learn, can be a very somber reminder of the fickle nature of luck.

We started our day fleeing from the area around Kingston due to the captains concern that we have riled up the area captains too much. That works fine for me, As I do not wish to end up as a prisoner again. I am concerned that, if we return, we will meet with an expanded armada. However, that is the concern of tomorrow. To be honest, I don’t know if we were exactly ready to take on an entire country worth of ships just yet. Still, I would not be surprised if we return one day. Tim wishes to see that city burned to the ground for what their soldiers did.

Interesting, we received a blessing from anothers curse. We wandered upon a wreck of a merchant ship with only one lone survivor left. We rescued her and even managed to capture the sharks that threatened her. (I cannot recall ever having shark, but i am led to understand that it is delicious) She is a catfolk girl, if the ears are any indication. The other men in the crew were fairly excited at the prospect of another lady on board, with James even taking the “liberty” of giving her chest a few idle gropes. She was…..not very pleased. She seemed very calm and collected for someone who was almost eaten by sharks. Admirable. I offered her my room (As I could trust that it would be clean and orderly, it is MY room after all) while I slept in the common area. Ry’lin caught me later and invited me to stay in the extra room contained in her shelter. No good deed goes unrewarded, i suppose.

She directed us to the bearing of the ship that attacked her, noting that they were barely fit to sail after the attack. We pursued them and pressed our advantage, for the loot, the information, and simply for revenge. Tulvir, Kaleth, and a magically aided James went to investigate the (apparently abandoned) sinking ship. We were all surprised to find, however, that the Gnolls aboard managed to cling to life and press an attack. We narrowly managed to save James as, miraculously, Tulvir and the Dragon managed to escape death in the deep.

Those of us on board pressed the attack. I managed to take out some of the waterlogged dogs with some expert pistol shots (including one bullet scoring two headshots – not that I would brag) until the began climbing aboard the ship. Rapier drawn, I exploited their slow reflexes by scoring several shots through the eyes. The clumsy curs lost their only advantage once they started to crawl onto dry land.

The captain took the gnolls onboard and offered one of them the chance to speak – the one who did not die due to being speared by the tip of the Dangling Worm. I declined to participate in the competition, as there is little joy in such sport where your opponent is helpless. I chose to retire to my temporary quarters and to my surprise Ry’lin accompanied me.

I have not had the pleasure to be in this strange domicile until now, but it is a work of great magic. Obviously the furnishings have been provided from outside the ship, or i suppose were requisitioned early on. We sipped tea as we discussed scandalous things in the guise of combat techniques. I think it was apparent that she was on the same level of conversation as me. I admit that I am genuinely intrigued at this – she is competent and has a strong personality, yet she seems unwilling to discuss such thins openly. Wonder if it’s a cultural thing.

She surprised me later, perhaps as thanks for the conversation, by dressing in the style of women from my homeland. The effect was very strange, pale skin where tan should be, make up where there is usually the sweat of heat and combat. And yet, it worked. I think that, yes, this would be a welcome change from the rough and tumble ladies of Greece.

Interestingly enough, Tulvir decided that he needed to break away from us. He cited something about the danger involved and needing to find his parents. Seems silly to me, to cite an excess of danger, then to strike off on ones own. Not to mention that fact that being on a traveling ship means more opportunities to find information. Still, it it not my way to question the choices one makes. I hope he will be safe.

Anyway, by instruction of the captain we went to the academy looking for a portable hole to aid in deep sea recovery. We found a child there that seemed to know a great deal about Novus. (Or is it the Novus?) We let her talk to Novus while we were at the academy. Perhaps I should have asked her more, as I would be lying if i said the tiny creature did not interest me. One of the instructors there also made me aware that there was a job board at the academy. I committed the entries to memory. We may still find some use for it, and truth be told I think I would welcome some time on the land.

The ship seemed to be on alert when we arrived back after procuring supplies. I have yet to find out what is going on, but the captain seems to have sequestered himself in his cabin with a bound man. Perhaps the captain has finally found himself a playmate.

Funny, I would not have guessed men to be part of his fancies. Then again, a Greek calling someone out on his sexual interests is just about as hypocritical as you can get. I suppose the reasoning for this will be revealed soon enough.


satheyo Saitken

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