Syrik's Drunken Sailing

DIo's Journal - Volume 5

Apparently, I am led to believe that our attempts at subtlety have been completely ruined. That is quite disappointing.

George was dispatched to Kingston in an effort to spread rumors of how dangerous and active we are in these waters. (Or something of the sort) It ended with him returning half dead of bat bites and wearing a dress. I am actually surprised that the captain did not eat him. Tim was sent in an effort to make lemonade out of these metaphorical lemons. He returned on his personal ship almost shot to death. At this poimt, I even thought about volunteering. I did not think it would aid us at this point, as I imagine the town is on high alert.

I can’t complain too much, i suppose. I am enjoying this flirtatious relationship with Ry’lin. We sat on the ship, talking and singing and being generally merry. I wonder what would have become if Desmond did not interrupt our discussion.

Not that I was about to argue with him. He was filled with some measure of arcane potency that made the winds roar and the sea shake. There is no doubt that he is powerful, however, I sometimes wonder how in control he is of his abilities.

I am also bothered by James’ nonchalant thuggery. He claims that Ry’lin should not demand respect without disclosure of why she is with us. She keeps to herself, yes, but then again so does he. It seems ill fitting of a crew to fight so, but at the very least it has yet to hit a critical point. I do admit that, were it not for the captains rules about inter-crew combat, I would have sorted out his attitude problem already. Granted, I am not so arrogant to claim that I do not have an attitude, but at least mine is generally good nature.

While we were waiting for the inevitable battery of ships to challenge us, Ry’lin, Tulvir, James and I made camp and watch among a beach. However, during our time there we were approached by a butterfly(?) by the name of Novus. Surprisingly, he was able to speak. He implored us to help save his family from a spider attack. We dispatched the beasts quickly, but his family was lost. I invited him to travel with us, under the primary care of Ry’lin. She seems to find the creature cute, and I find the music he makes quite pleasant.

I suppose that, like most things, we will see where this Novus situation ends up.


satheyo Saitken

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