Syrik's Drunken Sailing

Ardo's New Diary [Entry 1]
This is seriously lying around where anyone can find it.

So I’ve been on this ship called the shackled fate for little while now, and I have to say its not that bad. Especially the first mate, if she wasn’t a stick in the mud the things I’d do to her would make her forget all about that little greek boy. I should probably keep this thing cleanish though in case I leave it laying around in my laziness. Ah who am I kidding that’s no fun! READ AWAY fellow voyeurs. (Except greeks)

[Included is an amateur doodle of the first mate naked, followed by her in several very involved positions.]

My first mission after signing up was to infiltrate an Underdark drow metropolis, filled with many fine ladies. one of whom we had captured beforehand in battle. She gave us, well me, enough information to get around the city without wasting time. Needless to say I didn’t actually need her information because I am good at what I do, and by necessity what I do goes off of the cuff anyway. A little planning doesn’t hurt but plan too much and the giant starvation demon gums up the works something fierce if you cant adapt. It took me a few hours to navigate the Dwarven city’s ruins. Where i stumbled across some very fine quality ale. (Free Drinks for any lady reading this.)

After I finally made it down to the metropolis I did some exploring, screwed with some people (figuratively this time). and proceeded to navigate the city. Trusting my gut I followed up on some conversations I had heard about a previous interloper. Turns out to have been a good plan as I managed to bust him out and he can help us with our larger overarching goal (which I’m still hazy on, if anybody reading this knows more please fill me in.) With his help I easily collected the orb, and completed my task. The captain gave me 24 hours for delicious looting and free time afterwards, which I proceeded to squander like an idiot. I tried to help rid the ruins of their curse that mutated and misshaped the dwarves. I spent the better part of day attempting this and almost died in the process. When I finally had to leave I took what I could in 30minutes, and escaped before the curse set in on me. I’ve got more oat sowing to do before I give up and become a crazy. I was a little peeved that what help I did receive was lackluster and cryptic. I got more help from the succubi hot goddesses before I went in. Seriously whats with that. I then was cursed to never perceive breasts again after I got a bit lippy after HAVING ALMOST DIED TO LIFT A CURSE OUT OF THE GOODNESS OF MY HEART!!! To those of you reading this how lame is that i mean seriously, life without a nice pair of breasts to fondle. I fixed that problem by sacrificing praying to the succubi hot goddesses that I serve. Anyway that’s basically all that’s happened that was interesting, other than the session to prove ourselves. Which was easier by leaps and bounds than infiltrating an vault guarded by what was effectively an army, but I mean I guess technically they didn’t see it happen so I cant prove that I didn’t just stumble upon those magic items.

This isn’t really a diary and I don’t plan on writing anything more in this particular journal.
What follows is an instruction book for the better part of life. The hookers in our care are versed in these arts, but for those of the crew that enjoy time with them I urge you to at least pass on this part of the book to others so as to ensure that they have a pleasurable as well as profitable time aboard. If you have trouble the women of pleasure will be happy to teach.

[More detailed sketches, while still amateur, follow depicting many imaginable and unimaginable acts of sexual congress. Some of the last entries require flight. Each picture also has captions to explain and highlight possible changes that may need to be made to accommodate smaller or larger creatures and creatures with varying anatomies]



其他人都是來去匆匆在時間從我過去的寫作。蒂姆是消失了,認為已經死了,在我們去攻擊一些城市。他的粗魯、 無禮,和有時犯規,但他精通他的所作所為與那些發明將錯過。我們也有撿起幾個流浪狗一路走來,一些已經死亡,有些會留。最新加入我們的船員似乎是另一個侏儒,而另一個空氣精靈。希望他們最後再然後一些人。

我與迪奧的關係只有壯大。真是奇怪,我向他,和他的"女兒"也有的連接似乎採取後照顧。至少沒有害處來到這個女孩在這艘船的上……海盜。不過,我開始感覺 Dio 不喜歡我的態度的變化。要是他知道我現在的感覺。幅度更大,清楚地看到世界,舉行權力淩駕他人之上住在我的指尖。只有時間會告訴我們這一結果吧

(Translation for OOC purposes)
So much has changed recently.
I am not even sure where to begin. We have started on this journey for hemo, truly started on it it seems. And it has lead to some….interesting developments. Not the least of which has been the dwarf. Who seemed to harbor a much older dwarf spirit inside his mind. One who knew of the place we were to go to next. This poses an interesting question. Why was the dwarf on our ship, with our crew or even around us in the first place. Was it merely coincidence or…

Others have come and gone in the time from my last writing. Tim is gone, believed dead, in some city we went to assault. He was crass, rude, and sometimes foul, but he was skilled in what he did with those inventions, that will be missed. We have also picked up a few strays along the way, some have died, some have stayed. The newest addition to our crew seems to be another dwarf, and another Sylph. Hopefully they last longer then some of the others.

My relationship with Dio has only grown stronger. It is strange, my connection to him, and to his “daughter” who I have also seem to taken upon looking after. At least so no harm comes to the girl on this ship of….pirates. Though, I am starting to sense Dio dislikes my change of attitude. If only he knew what I now felt. To see the world more sharply, clearly, to hold the power over others lives in my very fingertips.I suppose only time will tell this outcome.

Dio's Journal - Volume 14

This has been a very unusual situation that we’ve found ourselves in. I worry for the future, but the present seems full of promise.

We were victorious in our battle with the dinosaurs. Our alliance failed due to the defeat of our allies, but we rallied around and managed to claim both orbs. The spinosaures had most of us locked down, but I wonder if it would have eve made a difference in the long run. We found the orbs, but they have already been activated. I would have tried to deactivate them, but Tim and the Captain had already “Consumed” them. I worry what sort of folly this will bring to the world. Even worse, Hemo has shadowing us as we emerged with the prize. I will keep silent for now. Maddox is still with me, so perhaps we haven’t entirely failed.

We were able to get off the island quietly enough and retreated back to Port Royale to regroup. I spent some time with Jillian, which i keep telling myself i should do more. She learned a bit of magic from the ladies of the evening. I should….I should try to prevent these sorts of things from happening in the future. She wants to go to the dinosaur island, and was quite excited that we bought back some of the dinosaur eggs. I need to work out some sort of agreement to go back there. The kind of place it is, though. It’s concerning. I hope I can guarantee her safety if we go.

We managed to attach ourselves to a retinue 0of Goblin pirates, as I am told. We are going to help them assault a Hobgoblin war party harassing a nearby human establishment. Some of the crew is uneasy working with Goblins, but the captain assured us the gold is good. I suppose they can’t be that bad if they are welcomed at Port. I’ve been using our prep time to work on my swordplay. I have noticed that I have been relying far too much on my gun, seeing as how our melee fighting has been such a clusterfuck recently. I am reforming my technique to better deal with the sort of ruffians we deal with on a day to day basis. (And dinosaurs) It takes a much more considered stance to fight properly when you know your opponent seeks to slit your throat in the most efficient way possible.

James stormed off the ship after an argument with the captain. I can imagine that it’s a stressful job being the first mate, but I can’t say this is unexpected. He is a very volatile sport of person, and having him here was always risking a fistfight. I imagine Ry’lyn takes heart in this, as they have never got quite gotten along. Tim was crushed though. He appears to have replaced James with a robot. Strange. Either way, I will miss the support his magic gave. I did not need his healing much, but the bolstering will be sorely missed.

I did want to address this strange power that is developing in us. Everyone seems to be taking it in stride, but it is an odd feeling for me. I was not unaccustomed to being more proficient than the common street fighter, but this is different. There is a strange inner glow now, something that guides me. I suppose Hektor and Maddox were right about potential. I am trying to work this into my form, but progress is slow. I don’t think this is something that can be trained, only fueled. We are heading for the next location Hemo indicated, perhaps more clues will be had there.

They Knew the Truth

Even overgrown lizards knew the truth of their slavery. Trapped in an endless cycle. No choices, only struggles. The supposed ‘intelligent’ ones on my crew don’t even realize the mirror it holds up to them. Were laughter an option I would cackle.

What does it say that the very instrument of their imprisonment now resides within me. Not that I was foolish enough to believe that I owned any measure of freedom to begin with. What matter how close the bars.

We are watched far more closely by the Cat than I expected. This is concerning. If it proves to our advantage to betray her it will be difficult under such scrutiny. I seriously consider burning Greece to the ground while we are nearby…..

I need to recruit more crew. Not only will the better manning provide better flexibility in combat, but GODS IN FUCKING ASSCRACKS even the Not As Big Breasted As I Think She Should Be officer wants to get herself killed. It’s like a fucking race to see who can die in the most retarded fashion. With more crew I can have a larger pool to select new officers from. We have some pretty well endowed ones… just need more.

Oh well, burn bright and keep what you can take. Death comes for us all. Die rich and dripping in the envy of others.

The duel and the night

所以我們波瀾起伏不斷。當我們醒來,或者我應該說被釋放時,奇怪的夢,像國家一樣從我們被車開進。船長和其他人立即開始制定計畫,與部落的即將到來的對抗。他們想要在一側耳朵,説明消滅對方,並獲得自己在過程中的 orb 中發送援助。我說這是愚蠢的 technaic,但我的話很快遇難的船員,更笨的成員,我決定的論點是不值得。所以我們 apprached 的一個營地。

我們發現,我們被包圍了。恐龍的每一邊繼續我們在檢查中,當一個較大跑 twords 我們幾乎面對面乘員組。我們所有人都被動搖了,甚至技因,它很容易看到通過看他們臉上,他們的身體的姿勢。每一個人,那就是,除了 Dio。他只是站在那裡,作為它走近,冷靜,並收集石頭面臨。它被看見的和我認為這為他贏得了一些尊重所徵收的他們,因為我們只被允許到他們的營地,跟他們的統治者。坐在 throan 的珍貴材料製成的巨型恐龍。言由 dio,我聽不懂的語言說話。也許我應該改變然而,似乎這些話結束了一場決鬥的聲明中。一會兒,我的心在跳動,想 Dio 決鬥這種事停了下來。我不懷疑他的力量,但我不確定如果他遭遇過這樣的敵人。我們給出了幾個小步舞曲的準備時間,在此期間,每個人都投下他們一切可能説明他在鬥爭中。

之後他迷們來說和一點點的從自己居住的動機,他散步上的橋樑,將作為一個戰場。從迪奧的槍一手漂亮的投籃似乎幾乎在那裡結束。迪諾取得一些體面的攻擊,但沒有什麼能夠破壞魔法置於 Dio。然後迅速結束戰鬥。Dio 甚至提供野獸憐憫。他拒絕接受之前被送進下面的岩漿由迪奧的手。

在那之後,有了更多的發言,更多的否定,但那是所有 bur。一個重要的時間,直到 Dio 然後後來進入我的帳篷的大雜燴。我幸運地擁有從其餘的隱私,著手做某事我被告知要永遠不會做,直到我的新婚之夜。可一直都是他的死在球場上,向我揭開了一些東西。我加入他那天晚上的方式我從來沒有收到。它是很棒。

The duel, the night

So our jouncy continues. When we awaken, or should I said are freed, from the strange dream like state we were pulled into. The captain and others immediately begin to make plans for the coming confrontation with the tribes. They want to send aid in one sides ear, helping to obliterate the other side, and gaining ourself the orb in the process. I say that this is a foolish technaic, but my words were quickly lost on the more thickheaded members of the crew, and I decided an argument was not worth it. So we apprached one of the camps.

As soon as we are spotted, we are surrounded. Dino’s on each side to keep us in check, as one big one ran twords us, coming almost face to face with the crew. All of us were shaken, even Teme, it was easy to see by the look on their faces, the posture of theri bodies. Everyone, that is, except Dio. He simply stood there, stone faced as it approached, calm, and collected. It was a sight to see, and I think it earned him some respect from the collection of them, because we were then allowed into their camp, to speak with their ruler. A giant dino who sat upon a throan made of precious material. Words were spoke by dio in them in a language I did not understand. Perhaps I should change that, however, it seemed like these words ended in a declaration for a duel. For a moment, my heart paused in its beat, to think of Dio dueling such a thing. I do not doubt his power, but am unsure if he has ever faced such a foe. We were given a few minuets of preparation time, during which, everybody cast everything they could on him to help him in the fight.

After his buffs, and a bit of incentive to live from myself, he strolled out onto the bridge that would serve as a battle field. One good shot from Dio’s gun seemed to almost end it there. The Dino made some decent attacks, but nothing able to breach the magics places on Dio. The battle was then ended quickly. Dio even offered the beast mercy. Which he refused to take, before being sent into the lava below by Dio’s hand.

After that, there was more speaking, more negations, but that was all a bur. A mishmash of unimportant time until Dio then later entered my tent. Blessed with privacy from the rest, I proceed to do something I was told to never do until my wedding night. In what could have been his death on the field, something was revealed to me. I joined with him that night in a way I never had before. It was…..wonderful.

Dio's Journal - Volume 13

So, today was pretty awesome. i got to duel a dinosaur for starters. I suppose I should start at the beginning of this tale.

We ventured deeper into the island and stumbled into the territory of the tyrannosauri and saurians. We were ambushed by a pack of their riders near the outskirts of their village and it was quite plain that they were ready for a fight. I was able to speak to them and get permission to speak to their leadership. While I would not be surprised if the rest of the crew found it more expedient to simply destroy one side, I am convinced that having allies is always a handy thing.

After meeting the saurians, I think my outlook might have changed a bit. Their negotiations were borderline combative, and they seemed to regard us as little more than food. One of the dinosaur lieutenants charged up to us, and managed to alarm most of the crew. Naturally, I did not falter in the wake of this angry dinosaur. That apparently earned me some respect, as I was given the opportunity to work out a treaty with them. By fighting the same dinosaur that tried to intimidate us.

My companions used their magical abilities to augment my progress against this beast, making my own abilities even more formidable. I entered onto the bridge where I was set to combat this beast and was unsurprised to find that my opponent had been given the chance to magic himself up. Deciding that my rapier would not be optimal against this foe, I pulled my gun and took aim for a powerful first shot. As he charged at me, he got a few good shots on me but was unable to get me in his maw. I inevitably prevailed against my foe, and offered him a final chance for mercy. he refused, so I put a final bullet between his brain and ended the creature.

Duels to the death always get the blood pumping. Not to mention once everything had settled down, Ry’lin really got my blood pumping.

The leader of the tyrannosaurs was impressed enough to allow us a part in his war. I bartered us a couple diamonds each and an officers share of the loot. I do not plan to stay after we acquire our prize, but if we can take what we want without being detected we might be able to milk even more from this trip. Tim thinks we should just clear both sides out, but we may not want to risk a fight when it is not truly necessary.

Tim's Diary Entry 8

[Written in code DC 42 Linguistics check Also on my person at all times]

Today was . . . well at first i thought it was going to be terrible, but it ended up awesome.

To begin lets start off with how we debated whether or not to follow the instructions of an untrustworthy being who comes to you in your dreams and leaves you vulnerable to death. The obvious answer is to trust them and do what they say . . . right? FUCK these guys are as dumb as fucking mules. I did sign the contract to follow the captains orders though so I had no choice but to continue with them. We were then ambushed AGAIN, seriously come the fuck on.

Luckily these were intelligent beings that asked us our business before attacking, and we avoided combat due to Dio’s honeyed tongue. Also apparently hes a demigod, what the fuck is up with this crew. Devilbound members, half-fey, drow, robot elfs, and there used to be dragons and sharkmen. Its like some sort of joke punchline sometimes. When we got to the dinosaur encampment all the big dinosaurs could see me at my best. Fuck.

I was about to head for the hills when one of the dino’s charged but I i wasn’t fast enough and he ended up not actually attacking and just shoving his dino-face in our face intimidatingly. They eventually agreed to speak to us after one of us proved ourselves in trial by combat. Which Dio agreed to readily, though I’m worried about his mental state when he started talking about rules and regulations to the duel. These are freakin dinosaurs man. Anyway things progressed smoothly and they allowed him 10 minutes to prepare himself, and everyone gave him everything they could. By the end his magic aura was lit up like a yule tree from all the magical enhancements, I wish I could have helped but that short span of time is not my strong point.

The battle was short and furious, and I realized two things. These dinosaurs could rip me to shreds right now with my meager protections, and Dio is much more skilled in combat than I gave him credit for. These one on one fights are really his forte. Dio emerged victoriously though after repeatedly shooting bullets into the cranium of the dragon with the precision of a trained surgeon. Something I am but only with tools am I that skilled, not with weapons. After the leader warmly accepted us and brought us to speak more in depth back by his throne. I must say the giant dinosaur sitting in his throne looked more like a red haired poodle being petted by his owner but thats here nor there.

The conversation proceeded smoothly though I did worry for Dio’s sanity when he asked for monetary value from these beasts in terms of coinage. They live in a lost valley filled with dinosaurs and unmysterious lack of real civilization. I really worry for his future, he is far too trusting of everything. In the end we each got a whopping diamond as our up front payment for assisting them. Hopefully we will get both the orbs as well. I certainly would like to study the Ice orb, as that particular element could be very handy on the high seas and could make for some interesting siege weaponry for the ship if my intuition is right about how it will work.

We had five days to prepare and my body needed protection so I threw my every waking moment into completing my exoskeleton before the battle, and with a little help I barely managed. THANK YOU ME. This battle will be harrowing and from what I have seen I will need this to not be made into utter paste instantly. We set out immediately and were shortly after ambushed by roving wild dinosaurs that almost killed the captain and Rakumake again. By the end of the fight though the nearly dead raku stabbed a dinosaur in the throat and he toppled to the ground dead., and dio did the same with a slick one liner. It was honestly a bit anticlimactic for how the fight began. I never did get a chance to ‘Cast my shadow over them’ . . . I should probably stick to crafting items and not words. I’m not good at that. Soon we shall begin the assault on the Ice Tribe, a more orderly but less ferocious bunch, Hopefully i can slip in and grab the orb while nobody is looking.

Good Luck, Me.

Tim's Diary Entry 7

[Written in code DC 42 Linguistics check Also on my person at all times]

Today was another bad day.

FUCK EVERYTHING IS TRYING TO KILL ME!!! What good are these meat shields if everything wants to eat my bony ass instead. I can see them coming but I cant react in time, and so far the first strike of every beasty has come to me. First those fucking scorpions impaled me and i thought I was going to die, thank god for James. Then these giant fucking birds attacked me, picked me up and brought me to their nest, WHILE BLIND. Then WHILE BLIND it notices me try to slink away after creating a distraction, which it then falls for anyway. I jumped out of the nest after creating a parachute from the magic I’ve been collecting in my cylinders, and while falling I get caught and brought to safety by an invisible Prospero, who can fly with his fey butterfly wings. Which are awesome but not the point.

Everything in this damned jungle has tried to eat me, I want to finish my exoskeleton as soon as possible, I hope that I won’t die before it reaches completion. Maybe the shark-man and dragon had the right idea. Is this ship cursed, I hope not I don’t think any other crew would stand my presence and I cant leave my ship behind, because even if another paid for it, this is my ship. I am the one who dreamed it up and made it come to fruition by my skill and creativity, i made have had a little help with some of the details, but without me this beautiful monster wouldn’t have been born. Hmmm, a beautiful monster some kind of Succubus? Its a good idea, Melcanthet shall be my personal name for the ship, used between my robots and me. The scourge of seas and men, which is accurate with the silly superstitions most sailors have about women aboard. Anyway as I started writing this journal during first shift with Dio and James, Dio passed out and the others have become a bit restless in their sleep and would not waken for their watches. James and me felt the tug on our minds, but did not falter.

These fools would have likely been prey for some of the dinosaurs stalking this place had me and James not been awake to keep the lizards away from defenseless people. When they finally awoke Dio had mysteriously gotten a helmet upon his head, made of Darksteel no less. Whatever put them to sleep told them some pretty words that they are going to act on, so that we don’t release a great evil. I laugh at this, because none of us has any guarantees that this new information will not cause a great evil to be unleashed instead. When I call them stupid they merely get snappy, and dont see the simple truth, WHEN SOMEONE FORCES YOU TO SLEEP THEY DONT HAVE YOUR BEST INTENTIONS AT HEART! I thought this would be rather obvious even to a lady, instead she was still a bit flustered at the captain for something he did or didnt do in the dream world they said they went to. Whatever I’ll just follow the captains orders. Hmmm now that I think about it why am I still aboard a ship with these imbeciles, every fiber of being screams to run away and to only rely on myself again. Do I perhaps consider them . . . friends? Well at least James isn’t stupid, he at least knows his weak and strong points. Enough for today though, I need to stop working myself up.

An interesting start

出發去找姬的這些"鑰匙"將非常有趣的嘗試。它把我們帶到 Sneetl 村莊完全由蜥蜴民俗村第一次。他們是相當部落,但令人驚訝歡迎外人。但為什麼那有某事做上了金屬的精靈從天空掉我不知道。他們似乎對淤他,即使他不知道他是誰,或為什麼。雖然我不會介意我自己村莊崇拜我的生物,我認為我有點接近會遵守家。然而,他們是很有説明,在我們的努力,第一他們説明的金屬的小精靈,得到他的記憶回來了,並且感到有點驚訝。看來這個宗族和小精靈,有意搜集反對 Sendrik Tharn 有不多的軍隊。在這架飛機在出生尺規。我想了一會兒,對這一消息,但決定去讓它過去吧,Sendrik 是個暴君,他甚至不是一個很好的他的子民做以及與他一樣他有控制。那裡,我希望他們都祝你好運在他們的努力中。但第一件事第一次,我們自己的使命。村長,體弱多病,卻是足以給我們的關鍵輸入第一個 orb 據說保持了山谷。

然後事情了意想不到的轉折。一旦我們開始上爬下來的山頂,我們被攻擊了。巨型恐龍從空中俯衝下來,德斯蒙德和蒂姆逃之夭夭。大翅的拍我從來沒有遇到過。技因盡力使用他的鞭子技能,反對他們,真正的收效甚微,而我們其餘的人起飛腳或飛行後偉大的生物作為他們潛逃出朋友。不過說起飛行,似乎是我們自己一直保持秘密,在這一努力過程中,它們拔除美麗多彩多姿的翅膀,就像是一隻蝴蝶,來説明我們。無論如何,這是快速的戰鬥,與正在德斯蒙德 · 唯一有趣的注解。似乎他是傷得很重,當他被猛撲過來後被放下,然後已由我,他讓出閃電的能量,令人印象深刻,不料一股洪流。野獸跌得快,和甚至塔野獸巢之一對屈服于他的權力。我們離開之前,我雖然有最後一分鐘,帶著我的 Uinen,而是兩個卵的野獸。我還沒有完全形成什麼目的是採取有了他們,但充其量會有利可圖,最壞的情況,這將是一個臭雞蛋,留給見。

(Translation for ooc purposes only)
Setting out to find these “keys” of himeko’s is turning out to be quite the interesting endeavor. It takes us first into the village of Sneetl, a village run entirely by lizard folk. They were quite tribal, but surprisingly welcome to outsiders. Though why that had something to do with the metal elf that fell from the sky I do not know. They seemed to revier him, even when he didn’t know who he was, or why. While I would not mind my own village of creatures that worshiped me, I think I would keep mine a bit closer to home. However, they were very helpful in our endeavor, first they help the metal elf get his memory back, and that was a bit of surprised. It seems this clan, and the elf, wish to gather there little army against Sendrik Tharn. The ruler in the plane in which I was born. I thought for a moment on this news, but decided to let it pass, Sendrik is a tyrant, and he is not even a good one. His people do as well with out him as they did when he has control. There for I wish them luck in their endeavors. But first things first, our own mission. The village leader, sickly as he was, was kind enough to give us the key to enter the valley in which the first orb was said to be kept.

Then things took a unexpected turn. As soon as we begin to climb down the summit of the mountains we are attacked. Giant dinosaurs swoop down from the sky and make off with Desmond and Tim. Great winged beats I have never come across before. Teme did his best to use his whip skills against them, to little real avail, while the rest of us took off on foot or flight after the great creatures as they absconded with out friends. Speaking of flight however, it seems one of our own have been keeping secrets, as during this endeavor they sprouted beautiful multicolored wings much like that of a butterfly to aid us. Regardless, it was a quick battle, with the only interesting note being desmond. It seems he was badly hurt when he was swooped up, and upon being set down then retrived by me, he let out a torrent of lightning energy that was impressive to behold. The beasts quickly fell, and even one of the towers the beasts nest were on succumbed to his power. Before we left, I had a last minute though, and took Uinen with me to rather two of the eggs of the beasts. I have not fully formed for what purpose I have taken them, but at best it will be profitable, at worst it will be a rotten egg, left to the see.

Dio's Journal - Volume 12

At every turn, I stop to tell myself that it cannot get any stranger. Every single time, I have been proved wrong very quickly.

Not long after we wandered into the valley did we find ourselves besieged. These were not mere bandits, lizardmen, or scorpions. These were honest god dinosaurs. Flying behemoths that swooped upon us looking for an easy meal. Despite the captains efforts to incapacitate them, they managed to abscond with Tim and Desmond. Seeing as how i can’t fly (or fall, like the robot or the drow) I had to take the long way round the winding mountain path. Ry’lin and Prospero flew in pursuit (He apparently had butterfly wings all along -who knew?) and must have been fighting them while i was in chase. Even James managed to hitch a ride with that off-putting mechanical wolf contraption.

Once I arrived at the nests where the party had been taken, I saw that the fight had already ended. Desmond had apparently taken on some some embodiment of an electric lordling, calling down furious lightning from the sky. He was almost taken down by one of the creatures, but he managed to cast a last minute spell and buy himself enough time to destroy the rest of the beasts. Ry’lin snatched an egg for her own inscrutable reasons. I cannot say what fate will befall this dinosaur child, but I can’t imagine it’d be one that was much better than his existence here. Maybe raising dinosaurs is common in Gujen? Either way, the beasts were dispatched and we escaped not much worse for the wear.

We made camp shortly after, and I volunteered for first watch. In my jumble of odd racial features, i often find myself wishing for darkvision. It would certainly allow me to be active more often. I suppose that sleeping for longer without interruption is nice though. However, I did not expect that I would be sleeping the entire night anyway. A wave of mystic sleep came over me. i fought it for awhile, even certain that i could defeat it. Something, however, drew me in.

I found myself with the crew, minus James and Tim, on a small island with a hut. We went in to investigate and found Hektor, (or at least he claimed) the very man we were supposed to be rescuing. We also found his magical talking helmet, who is apparently the spirit of the first Maddox. I can;t say for certain it is truly the first ruler of Tathe Alis, but it certainly talks as if he is. (He? I suppose it’s alive, and wouldn’t be an it)

These are people i recognize from stories, my fathers companions and masters. Hektor tried to convince us that releasing him would also bring back the Titans on the world, causing havoc and ruin on the world. Looking at his eyes, though, i saw he was lying. I confronted him on this fact, and he let the truth loose. Apparently, releasing him in the way Hemo asked would also release Kai, whom he claims to have imprisoned. I vaguely recognize the name as familiar, but could not recall details. Leon was always…..hesitant to discuss his dealings with vampires. Bad memories i suppose. Apparently we must take the unactivated gems to the door of Hades, then activate them. A scary enough place, where some say my grandfather truly came into power. I don’t know the exact reasoning for this, but I hope he’s being truthful enough this time.

Hektor left us with the knowledge that he can help us when we enter these dungeons, and he even managed to give us a list of these dungeons. I don’t know if the numbers he gave for them are arbitrary, or by difficulty, or premonition. Self fulfilling prophecies and all that. My comrades were skeptical, but for me this is a very big breakthrough. Being able to connect with my family’s past, having it give me some meaning, it is refreshing. While we will still be fulfilling our contract to the letter, I do wonder if we are violating the spirit of it. What will Hemo’s reaction be, I wonder, once she finds out our change in plans. Moreso, what reasoning would she have for wanting this Kai fellow released? Maybe she doesn’t know? Apparently the deity Shade, formerly known as Bishop Cooper, is involved as well. According to them, my great grandfather is still out there somewhere as well. What could the endgame be? Does Hemo wish to gather them all together again? Other than their cleric, who i believe rules his nation now, I don’t remember the fate of ay others. I suppose they could be alive in some form. The questions are racing in my mind and I crave the answers as a drowning man would crave air.

Hektor told us that Maddox the helmet would guide us. Apparently I was able to will it into a tangible reality. We are still not entirely sure what it does, but I defend my claim to it. It is an artifact of my home nation, and powerful to boot. Something is pounding in the back of my head. Fate is pushing us towards something, something much bigger than being privateers. In my despair at being the mundane man in a group of magicians and inventors, hektor claimed that there was something inside of me. Some spark that has yet to be discovered.

Change is about to happen, i can feel it as one might feel the incoming spray and rumble of a great wave. I can only hope to surface all the better for it.

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