Tag: Warlock


  • Hexing Warlock-Feat

    *_Hexing Warlock_* (Warlock) *Requirements:* Invocations class feature. *Benefits:* You may switch out one of your invocations for a Witch's Hex. *Special:* You may take this feat more than once.

  • Eldritch Power-Feat

    *Eldritch Power* (Warlock) *Prerequisites:* Eldritch blast class feature. *Benefit:* You can choose to take a –1 penalty on all eldritch attack rolls to gain a +3 bonus on all eldritch damage rolls. When your base attack bonus reaches +4, and every +4 …

  • Eldritch Reach-Feat

    "Go Back":https://syriks-drunken-sailing.obsidianportal.com/wikis/feats *Eldritch Reach* (Warlock) *Prerequisites:* Eldritch blast class feature. *Benefit:* Your eldritch blast's range is increased by 50%, this also adjusts any pact boosts, or blast …