Tag: Drawback


  • Annoying-Drawback

    You have a bad or nervous habit of some type (talking loudly, twitching, constantly drumming on things, picking your nose, snapping your fingers, always repeating yourself, passing gas, etc.) that …

  • Anxious-Drawback

    After suffering terribly for not being tight-lipped enough as a child, such as when you accidentally exposed your family to enemy inquisitors, you developed a habit of being overly cautious with your …

  • Attached-Drawback

    You have a strong emotional attachment to a person or object that you’re terrified of losing. *Effect:* The GM chooses the object of your attachment. Whenever the object of your attachment is either …

  • Avarice-Drawback

    Deep, compulsive greed gnaws at you. *Effect:* Whenever monetary treasure is divided, you must end up with a greater share of that treasure than your companions or you’re wracked with feelings of …

  • Blabbermouth-Drawback

    You cannot keep secrets and feel compelled to tell others about any confidential information you are made privy to. You often reveal such secrets (like your party's plans) to others at the most …

  • Braggart-Drawback

    Whenever you purchase something, gain something of value, or do something very well, you must boast about your accomplishments to someone, or you become sullen and disinterested in those around you or …