Syrik's Drunken Sailing

Dio's Journal - Volume 1

I have done three things in the past couple of days that I thought I would never do:

1. Get thrown in prison
2. Join the military
3. Bed a woman with a snaggletooth

Curse that snaggletooth, and the trouble that it’s bought me. She was quite nice, as far as the fiancees of other men go. She was a talented songstress, a skilled cook, and if i may use some of the common vernacular here, “A butt that wouldn’t quit”. We had an enjoyable few days together. Until, that is, her husband returned from his trip.

It’s the husband’s fault, really. Who leaves such a talented young woman unaccompanied by guards, or servants, anything like that? He was practically begging a charming young gentleman to come along and show his lady how to properly conduct himself and his companion. (There’s a joke here about his wife begging for it, but I will keep that to myself) Despite his obvious faults, the cuckolded would-be groom was quite livid upon his return.

In an effort to “Preserve her honor” (really to save his own stinking hide from further embarrassment) the man challenged me to a duel. He shows his foolishness in his actions, as any sensible, overly-fed noble as himself should have been able to determine how out of his league he was. He rushed the confrontation in a blind thirst for satisfaction, and I did not deny him that right. He had a second, much wiser than he, who attempted to warn him about his inadequacies in this fight. The foolish noble blindly dismissed his assertion and summarily dismissed any rules for this duel.

Now, I like to think myself an honorable man. A duel without rules is little more than a street brawl. I was well within my rights to kill him then and there, but I felt pity for the poor fellow. After all, his wife did just cheat on him. I decided to be kind – I shot him in the leg to end the duel. He did not find this acceptable – he used his influence and vague threats of reprisal to convince the guardsmen to arrest me.

I spent my time in my sell conversing with a rather large gentleman by the name of James. Good fellow, even though he had the kind of hands that seem like they could tear the bars right out of the wall. There was also a feminine voice that I could not see. She was a bit grumpy, but given the circumstances, it’s understandable. Eventually, I was called to the office of the warden.

I was finally able to explain my situation and free myself from this false accusation. The admiral was quite a reasonable fellow, convincing me to sign on to his privateer outfit. Perhaps not my first choice of career, it still gives me the chance to adventure and live a life of relative comfort. I agreed to his terms and awaited him to finish his business.

Prediction his actions, I went to the tavern and awaited for my new friend James. I discussed our predicaments with the rest of the people assembled in the tavern, guessing correctly that they are recruits as well. Interesting and varied lot. I can’t say that I’ve ever met a shark man walking around with a dragon, and that’s coming from a man who’s homeland is ruled by shape shifting cats.

Once the admiral finished his business, we were led to our ship and introduced to the captain. And then, it immediately went to Hades. The town was attacked by pirates, and the admiral killed. Thinking quickly, I lept from the pier to the boat and manned one of the cannons. When the captain was blown off of the helm, the Japanese man accompanying us took control of the ship. Together, we managed to cripple the pirates assault and catch up to the main ship holding out aggressors. Unfortunately, they had magics available to them that5 allowed them to escape. Perhaps this was for the best. I recognize a skilled fighter and these gentlemen most certainly applied.

I do not know what my future holds, but it seems, at least, that I now have a path to walk.

Captain's Log Entry 1 (Zan's Journal)

First Day, Date the 2nd of Achuak

I guess I’m the captain now, so I should record the goings on of the crew while onboard. Seems appropriate and you never know we might die and this could be all that is left of us.
I shall start by giving my first impressions of each of the crew so i may compare it to later on.

Orkusan: He goes by the name Teme Kusoinu, but such vulgarity should never be used to refer to oneself, his life before this must have been hell to say the least. So far though he has shown himself able to give commands when necessary, and has shown a remarkable amount of intelligence. He will make a fine quartermaster and hopefully friend.

Diokles Sokola: The son of a rather famous man, who does his father’s name proud in my opinion. His skill with firearms and cannons is great and I think in time will be unmatched. I considered him as a Quartermaster until he revealed he is not used to sailing. He will make a fine Gun master though. I am glad to have one of strong spirit on board.

James Finley: A bit of a brute and not very smart, he seems to have a lot of experience dealing with wounds and other problems of a medical nature. Honestly i expected him to claim being the greatest mercenary of all time what with his ridiculously bulky armor, and giant axe. He is rather levelheaded though despite his apparent lack of intelligence, and he has obviously been used to sailing for quite some time. We shall see what the future holds.

Desmond: When i first laid eyes on this wizard i thought he would be like most others, preferring to hang back due to his frail body. But he turned out to be one of the craziest or bravest men i’ve ever met almost singlehandedly laying waste to a ship with his magics. Either way he is someone I will gladly serve onboard the ship with, his sense of morality is very strong too, I hope he rubs off on the others. Hopefully as “the wind gifts him with knowledge” as he says he will be a force to be reckoned with as well.

Tulvir and Kaleth: It seems these two are a pair somehow adopted brothers of a sort. I know I am glad to have an honored dragon onboard. I hope he doesnt get as big as some of his ancestors we may have trouble keeping him onboard. As for Tulvir, His nature is a bit elusive to me at the moment.

Gregory Rhal: A very unassuming man when i first met him. He decided to show his true colors right in front of us at the tavern. What a fool, he knows slavers are after him and he that in a public place. I hope the Tavern keeper and barmaid do not tell the slavers. I would like avoid needless bloodshed with them until I learn more about gregory. He seems adept at shipwork, but his personality like his body is hard to nail down.

Prospero: I am not sure what he is doing aboard the ship perhaps he will only be a temporary sailor, I can no say for sure. I hope he is not a terrible singer like some “Bards” i have heard.

Ry’Lin: Another Noble from another land, this ship is chalk full of important people. This woman is however one of my least favorite kinds of people. She knows she is important and acts as such. She expects men to behave a certain proper way, such a notion is ridiculous on the high seas. She also appears to be utterly useless beyond her capability as a mage of some kind, which i have yet to see in action. I will hold off on a final judgement of her until later. I do hope we may actually find an actual woman when we reach port royal, I want nothing to do with this woman’s notion of beauty. I shall let her sleep in the captains Quarters, so as to not put her on my bad side at least until i have determined her full value.

The Conscripts: Steve and Fred I believe there names were chances are after we have hired on some more crew members that are of the privateer mindset we shall provide them money for passage back to Fort Montague.

I should mention though that during the initial attack most everyone handles themselves very well and reacted to danger quite quickly and efficiently, I hope this bodes well for our time in the future. Well we are setting out and I shall not update this journal until after we have made landfall, or had something of note beyond day to day activities happen.

It was a warm bed
And then explosions

These idiots thought they were free.

At least we were having some fun. Rape, Pillage, Burn, Rape. Yeahh good times .

Gods Dammit.

The wind took us to these newly settled lands. Rich pickings as ships sail every day laden with goods for the colonies. Rich pickings until we rounded the key in sight of four ships of the line. So many fucking cannons… AND FIRE!!

Well, another cage. This one at least smells less like shit than others. The food is even edible. Another step up. We seriously need some female guards though. I think I will rest here a few days before I leave. And find some of those women

Some guy who they call a Pirate Lord got tossed into the cell next to mine. Maybe I should break him out and get a pay raise. More gold is always nice. Of course they pick this stupid day to offer me a release as a ‘Privateer’. What a fucking joke. These pussies don’t have the balls to do what is needed so they ask real men to do it for them.

We could just burn this place down. After we do a little raping. Tastefully of course.

Turns out the ‘Lord’ didn’t need my help anyway. Send a float of ships to bust him out. Must inspire a bit of loyalty in his men to lose that much in freeing him. Or he just doesn’t reveal where he hides the treasure. We should ‘ask’ him.

The other idiots who have been wrangled into this gig are a pretty weird lot. The scrawny feather head showed some brass balls though. No lie. His will be the most delicious. Maybe this will be fun. Maybe the hot red head is into scarred oni. HA. That will be the fucking day. Just take her. Quick and rough. You know her flesh would be sweeeeeeet.

Time for moons watch. Will be good to stretch my legs under the stars again.





雖然有一些我會選擇不將與相關聯,在我的個人生活,我相信我可以用這個船員現在工作的。然後再一次,他們中的一些更多……然後取悅他人。我驚訝地發現一位紳士或船上的兩個。Dio 只能,我可以看到自己相處的這種適當的紳士。我可以看到尚未從戴斯蒙德沒有麻煩。他是年輕的以及到目前為止善良。

((Written in Chinese. Translation))
((Sadly, this vacation is not as interesting as one’s in the past. The confines of a cell cannot compare to the open fields of the country side. The lands of that dingy little port are nothing close to the grand bazaars and the riches that can be found there. And this ship, while my best option is nothing compared to stepping into the place I was born, the plane of shadows. But I suppose I will have to make do with it for now.

Though still, I will not get used to the slight of men in this part of the world. Who could blame a strong woman for killing a man for attacking her, who was attempting to take her back to a place she did not wish to go. It was not as if I wanted him to die, but it would not have done to send him back to my father, or the merchant, whoever he was an agent of, with my location and information about me. I will go back someday, when time has passed. After all, I will inherit leadership of that guild someday.

I took the offer of a jailer which surprised me. I signed a piece of paper for my release, which did not concern me, but it also got me onto the crew of a ship. Normally it is not a way I would wish to spend my time, but it seems a good option to keep moving for now, and the men I work with are…..tolerable.

While there are some I would choose not to associate with in my personal life, I believe I can work with this crew for now. Then again, some of them are more…pleasing then others. I am surprised to find a gentleman or two on board. That Dio is…well, I could see myself getting along with such a proper gentleman. And I can see no trouble yet from Desmond. He is young, and so far kind.))

Dio's Journal - Volume 2
Death in the Family

It is with a heavy heart that I must record the death of Zantetsu Takahashi.

We were sailing towards the city of Port Royal in an attempt to seek a more complete crew. Things had been progressing smoothly enough. Jobs were assigned, histories expanded upon, rooms divvied out. We raised the sails and proceeded well on our way.

The first leg of the trip was fairly peaceful. I was able to perform some well needed maintenance on my firearm. Those clumsy guards stripped it upon my unlawful detainment and did not put it together adequately. I reminded myself to inquire with the shark man about his Dragoncrafting. I saw that he made such alterations to his weapon. If he were to use his secret art in combination with my gunsmithing, the deadliness of my firearm would be nearly absolute.

Unfortunately, our trip was interrupted by an invasion of Sahuagin. The fishy bastards apparently boarded us from the bottom of the ship and assaulted us on all levels. I was stuck on the top-side with Mr. Rahl and Teme the Orc-blooded. I thought the straights were much more dire then they seemed, especially after Rhal was blinded. With Teme’s help, we were able to keep the buggers prone and vulnerable. I am the first to admit that I greatly underestimated his skills with that whip. He is a skilled combatant and a value to have aboard, even considering his slightly alarming glee at skinning intelligent creatures.

Teme eventually had me go to the next level and check on the situation down there. After helping a nearly nude James dispatch a few stragglers, the Shark man told us to proceed upwards, that Zan had the situation contained down below. if i had known what was happening, perhaps I could have helped.

We all met topside and finished the remaining fish-men, claiming victory. This did, however, come at a cost. no sooner did Zan meet us topside to ensure we were safe did he collapse and die.

It was amazing that he was able to endure even that long. The wounds on his body were horrific. Nothing should have been able to keep walking with that type of damage. His devotion to our safety was admirable. I was looking over his body when i spied his coin purse. I was admittedly tempted to secret it away for “Emergency funds”. My fingers brushed the bag, but I could not do it. It was not proper. These people risked their life to assist me, give me support and a lucrative hobby. I do not wish to hurt this developing alliance for mere gold. We did, however, discuss what to do with his weapon as a group. Teme, being a smith, has some use for it. Ry’lin wishes it to be sold. I personally believe that we should return it to his family. If I am familiar with the lore of the land, the katana and its family of blades are almost sacred to them, thought to contain the soul of its wielder and his ancestors. Not only would it be proper, but since he is of royal birth they may pay us much more handsomely for the return of a family heirloom.

I worry for the state of the ship. Teme has taken the helm, but he is not the diplomat Zantetsu was. I heard the clashing of words as I went off to try and find a temporary crew to bring us into Port Royal. I put my nose to the ground but was unable to discover anything. However, turning bad fortune to good, I was able to locate a leathersmith in the town. He had a piece of bulette leather that i was searching for. However, he refused to deal in Elven craft. i imagine it to be an orc thing. Not wanting to cause a scene, i bought the piece. i plan to ask Teme if he can work the armor to match my current set. If i were to combine the hardiness of the Bulette leather and the sleek composition of the Elven style, I could be even better protected.

I returned to the ship to make my requests and look at what the day would bring. Desmond fell into the waters from the crows nest above, claiming an irregularity with his powers. James was being his usual boisterous himself, spooking the ocularly repaired Rhal. Ry’lin wandered back with a newly hired assistant of hers. She was painted and styled in the finery of a noblewoman, which i suppose is fitting to her blood. She proves her beauty even in the rough and tumble conditions of the sailors life. I attempted to compliment her on these qualities, but James ran roughshod over the graceful art of the court with crude sexual entendre and assertions of Sapphic companionship. I do not know if such statements are accurate, nor are they his business if they are. That privacy belongs to Ry’lin, her assistant, and their confidantes alone. I do not see James falling into that category any time soon.

But that is, in the meantime, relatively unimportant. I will be practicing strikes and unarmed combat, attempting to diversify my talents in the event I may be forced into a situation of combat leadership. i would have once left that to Zantetsu, but that time is unfortunately over.

His sacrifice bought us a future, and I intend to make the best of it.

Gods Dam Fish
Gonna make a sweet Buckler

Finally get a night out with a clear view of the stars, and it’s broken by screams. You ever notice how death screams just bring a smile? The sounds of fighting echo out of the lower decks as one of those scaley fucks steps out of the fo’c’sle.

Lisping tongues speak words of magic from inside and George is blinded. HAhahaa and he ran like a fucking pussy! Dio steps up and covers his retreat. Light a fire under that asss!

Some excercise. Dio heads down to clean up the gill-for-brains below decks while I scourge these idiots a bit. Not the fish I wanted to bite into tonight, but it will do Worthless brigands don’t know how to board a ship. Choked up and falling on each other. Idiots.

Everyone wipes up the ones below and roll onto the deck like a storm wave, overwhelming those that just can’t seem to get past me. You are a stubborn cock for brains. Just burn these fools already. Even the Brass Balled Wizard dived into the action. When he dies it will undoubtedly be in glorious fashion.

As invigorating as the skirmish was, the sounds of clashing steel below didn’t do justice to the grevious wounds born by the captain. So much blood…. makes me so hungry…. He made it up to the deck only in time to breath his last. The last time a saw as many wounds it was spread amoung a dozen corpses. He most certainly went down believing he was free. HAHAH What a joke. Freedom.

Some twist of tide has seen everyone now look to me as captain. Nothing could possibly go wrong with that….

Day two

頭幾天在海上,和都準備好了第一我們掉進它的深處。我猜我應該悲傷的艇長 Zantetsu 高橋,及格但只有幾個 squaggin 的可憐蟲,把他取下來。如果它是很容易,我不知道他會有持續了多久反正。


它也似乎這船員不值死者的物品,他們想要保持 Zentetsu 的劍,並把它送回家庭。雖然這是一種很好的情緒,我認為它會更好,是否我們拿劍到一個開放的市場,我們可以買或貿易,黃金的事情……


這艘船的男人被證明更多……然後最初想像的有趣。我仍然持厚望的 Dio,他親切的詞似乎時相比,這些 James 的天堂。我相信我的父親會批准他的性格,如果不是他的國籍。但其他人能忍受的至少,現在的我們將會看到什麼時間舉行。


(Translation for ooc purposes.)
The first few days on sea, and all ready the first of us have fallen into its depths. I suppose I should be sadder about the passing of Captin Zantetsu Takahashi, but it was only a few squaggin wretches that took him down. If it was that easy, I wonder how long he would have lasted anyway.

I do regret that this now makes Teme is the acting captain on this ship. I have doubts about how someone who acts so rashly could captain our ship sensibly, but I suppose time will tell. And if things are to bad, there are other actions that of course can be taken.

It also seems this crew does not value the items of the dead, they wish to keep Zentetsu’s sword, and send it back to the family. While this is a nice sentiment, I think it would be better if we took the sword to an open market, the things we could buy or trade for that gold…

At least one good thing did come of this. While we are at this small no name port of all places, I was able to find a quality assistant at one of the shops there. I did not hesitate to buy out her contract and take her with me, once I saw what she could do. Finally, things can get back to normal and I can get back to my full beauty and potential.

The men of this ship are proving even more….interesting then I imagined at first. I still hold high hopes for Dio, his kind words seem a haven when compared to those of James. I believe my father would approve of his character, if not of his nationality. But the others are still tolerable at least, for now, we will see what time holds.

At least now we are back on track to port royal, with a full crew no less. I just hope if these Vikings are not decent men, they are at least men who will stay in the bottom of the ship and out of sight.

Tim's List of Threats

[Written in Code (DC40 Linguistics), Also on my person at all times]
1st Column
Nice People who will only try to kill me only on accident
Desmond the Wizard – I like this guy, I haven’t put anyone here for a long time. Note: enjoys trying things he doesn’t understand not quite enough to upgrade threat level though.

2nd Column
People who may want to kill me but will only succeed by sheer luck
Alex – This guy needs to be shot, if only for simultaneously being smart and stupid.

3rd Column
People who may try to kill me for greed or other things
Dio the Gunner – Again not as bad as first suspected, but could use polishing on his gun skills.
James Finley Da Heala – This guy is pretty cool, doesnt give any respect to the hoity toity bitch so he isn’t stupid
Goerge the Cook – Almost got booted, too bad.
Floki the Viking – Seems to be in charge of other vikings, which is good I dont have to worry about them being completely out of control like some vikings.
Arnór the Viking
Einar the Viking
Eyvindur the Viking
Eiríkur the Viking
Indriði the Viking
Ólafur the Viking
Aðalsteinn the Viking
Arnþór the Viking
Njáll the Viking
Óskar the Viking
Hákon the Viking
Páll the Viking
Þórir the Viking
Hjörtur the Viking
Hriedmar the Skald
Yuan Shengkai
Shyala – A fucking Hairdresser, really. This is fucking ridiculous.

4th Column
People who may kill me for fun/Ex Murderers
Teme the Captain – For somebody so obviously housing evil, he certainly values the crew a lot more than I’d expect. I will likely have to go against his wishes in the future to ensure this crew remains intact.
Baeshara – Draconians suck
Tulvir and Kaleth – I hope they don’t get hungry
Jolagh – Ogre Orcs go here on principle
Rakumake – is more of a poisoner, not a bad skill set though
William Fluke/Bartholomew – these guys are terrible but not too terrible, they will make great flunkies for the busywork Teme assigns.
Nibbles – Stays away from me, is tolerable now.

5th Column
People I want to kill and make it look like an accident
Ry’Lin the Bitch – I honestly may have to kill her, if the captain won’t see reason.

Tim's Diary Entry 1

[Written in Code (DC40 Linguistics), Also on my person at all times]
Today was a good day, nobody tried to kill me.

Also I’m aboard a pirate ship now so I wont have to hunt for my own food all the time and can focus on inventing and building. Everyone onboard seems nice enough, although I’m a bit worried about the ineptitude of some of the officers. The incredibly pretty one has no place aboard a ship like this even disregarding the bad juju. She even claimed to be a merchant of renown, but then proceeded to claim the wrong price for every item we bought when acquiring ship supplies and provisions. I think she is a spell caster of some sort as she has a spell component pouch, I hope she isn’t as inept at that as the rest of what she does, or I may have to kill her to prevent deaths due to her utter ineptness. When will people learn that being pretty isn’t a skill for surviving, nor does it make you important. I don’t think I’ll get along with her at all, I can’t deal with people who think they are important because they were born pretty or into the right family, maybe this bitch will figure out it doesn’t matter in the slightest. I mean the captain had to have been a slave at some point hes lashed all to hell, and hes in charge So I’m a bit confused as to why she thinks any of her past makes her important. I hope he’s just keeping her around to ransom off to her family at a later date. I am also very glad that there are a bunch strong beefy vikings onboard, plenty of meat between me and the people who will invariably try to kill me.

Dumbest Slavers Ever
Mustaches do look stupid

This pickpocket failing fuck turns out to be the worst kind of slave. BURN HIS MASTER At least he has the right idea about killing any that come for him. Hopefully next time they find him it will be at open sea. Not strangling these pretentious Brits is exhausting.

Squid have bigger brains than these mustachiod fucks. Can’t even send a decent treat back to their boss. Heads would have worked. Need to find out where to send them What a waste. Their skin is even worthless.

Finally on the water with a full crew to make this tub hop to. Port Royal on the horizon promises our first good chance make some coin. And bitches. Need to tighten the mainsail. Getting boring in here Gave a spiel to the vikings about joining up. They have proven steady on the ropes and not baulked when presented with the choice. We will find out soon.

Prospero proves again to be surprising in his ability to bring a gaggle of people to the ship. Some of them may even prove handy when shit is on fire. YESS Fire! We are gonna burn the flesh and taste the screams


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