Syrik's Drunken Sailing

Tim's Diary Entry 3

[Written in Code (DC40 Linguistics), Also on my person at all times]
Today was a terrible day, I’m lucky to be alive.

Apparently in this town one dog mauling, and a crazy lady in a dress constitutes activation of martial law. I was taking a stroll down the docks and checking out some terribly made boats, something to my knowledge has never been illegal when I was spotted by the captain of the ship i was sent to look at. When he asked me what I was doing, I told him nothing and left. He then had three guards accost me at the end of the docks, who also saw me. This town is filled with any trained professionals, something that would normally excite me except they like most guards shoot first and then ask questions, literally. This many people capable of spotting me when I am trying to remain unseen makes me uneasy.

I have decided that none of the men can live for my own safety. Sadly, this means I must kill all the women and children too. If they were to seek me out in the future for revenge that would pose its own problems. I do not relish the thought of killing so many people but it must be done. If I allow people to try and kill me without consequences, everyone shall attempt to. At least I don’t have to worry about this crew stopping me, as the captain is of the same mind as me, just with more violence. Unlike the last battle where we were killing murderers, I honestly won’t enjoy this.

I think poisoning the baker’s flour is a good start, it should kill many people without a fight. Planting explosives on each boat in their powder stores is a good way to disable as many ships as we need. If the captain is willing to supply me and let me do a bit of work before we fire ship the harbor we can make this go smoothly with minimal resistance.

In other news, once again Ry’lin had Desmond fuck around with the orb without understanding the full implications. At least it currently has done anything overtly dangerous. I knew I liked Desmond though, he suggested telling the crew, or at the very least the captain. The stupid bitch once again told him to keep it secret, If I could just hold the damn thing and actually get close enough to inspect and test it I could probably understand it’s properties, looking over Desmond’s shoulder is no way to inspect anything. She’s a conniving bitch and with me almost dying I’m not sure if she’s worth the risk of having around. I spoke with Jim though, a nice fellow, and he seems to think we should learn as much as we can and blackmail her, if she doesn’t tell the crew shes fucking around with unknown magic. Seems a good plan, and I’m sure she’s running from something, a beautiful noblewoman like her wouldn’t be caught dead on a ship like this otherwise. Most likely she stole that artifact and is running from the law. I need to find out from which though.

I hope I will be able to sleep again soon or that I can finish my token, I shan’t be able to until these threats are eliminated.

It Grows
This fool is sleeping

This idiot will probably take days to notice his ‘journal’ has extra pages. He has a full crew now, some of which look quite delicious and this worthless vessel sleeps alone. Do not tell me that he has found the only mortal females that WON’T try to sleep their way to an advantage. If it wasn’t so funny to watch this whole privateer business play out I would just drag his sleeping body out and have some fun myself.

Speaking of, he finally got down to some business and got on the right end of an ambush. The terror on the faces of man when they finally realize that their deaths are certain. If they only knew they were born with it. But that is not the most delicious part. When I heard the ‘crew’ of this floating tinderbox argue with each other about getting to take the life’s blood from their prey it was sweet music upon the wind. This behavior shall be fostered and nurtured. Their souls will be a fine feast, seasoned and tender.

I will have to gift my puny vessel with some dreams. First, some ideas for how to use his prisoners correctly. Cant have him squandering this opportunity. Yes, that one……

Next we must show him the proper way to treat his female ‘crew’. Dancing flesh in fire and screams. Pleasure stacked upon pain, heightening both to the cusp of mortal tolerance. Yes, I think I will show him how to do it properly. HA He can barely handle the images, I can’t wait till the reality sears him.

Slavers and Secrets



不過,如果那發生,似乎這個乘員組有一些對其成員的忠誠。我們在出發之前,看起來有些奴隸販子找到他們的方式向我們的碼頭重拾我們的廚師,喬治,他似乎是從人的相當重要,或在免除的奴隸至少與大量的錢和暴躁的脾氣。機長說: 我們會不會交出他,嘗試至少輕微外交和談之前爆發了戰鬥。我到那兒的時候,戰鬥如火如荼都準備好了,我試圖留在喬治和確保他不被感到驚訝,但似乎他都不想要希望是直接在戰鬥。在對我來說,碼頭上有沒有房間,我們的船員都給他們通過跳動不管怎麼說,我決定以我的方式回到船上,只是看著交流。它相當快,以我們這邊結束,勝利者,留下幾個人死了,和幾個囚犯在我們的船,後來決定生活是不值得活的出他們的鬍子上。陌生男子,傷害的人很快就通過自己綁成的水域,而不是回于他們的失敗與他們的世界與他們的主人那兒去鬍子。雖然我絕對沒有奴隸,它仍然讓我驚奇,船員將舉行同樣忠誠我當警衛,我父或他的趕上我嗎?

一旦這個問題解決了,我去戴斯蒙德與腳本一起在球上。看來他非常密切的合作,研究了它但不是能使它的尾巴的頭。令我沮喪的是,我回到我的辦公室,orb 交給我的 edilon。最奇怪的事再發生了。Orb 開始發光在四個不同的色調,照亮所有的文本,我們沒有見過。就像我希望保持這 orb 我的秘密,我心軟了,和 Desmonds 的説明送莎拉。當他走進我的辦公室時,他在該專案中的興趣是明確的並他迅速成立後學習它,製作出的話和它們的含義。它是某種,一個與四個答案的一個謎。只要答案之一口語 orb 突然改變了我的 Edilons 在手。失去它漆黑一片的陰影的顏色和發光的乳白色的光藍色。我們繼續研究,並在這個論壇上,很快就學會了 orb 允許那些感人它飛行,真實飛行。我可以看到 Desmonds 臉上的興奮,作為我們帶到空中,探索其極限。我們很快就降落在碼頭上,決定進一步的探索研究,他說另一個詞,這一難題,但 orb 的另一種答案沒有起反應。我們再試一次,但很快就發現,與很多的魔法物品,也許它需要之間使用時間。德斯蒙德 · 遞給我回來有什麼似乎是極不情願,orb,我們決定嘗試下一次我們在港口。Orb 交還給我的 Edilon,和送她回自己的飛機在哪裡,orb 將是安全的現在。雖然仍然,盡可能多地找到德斯蒙德 · 樂於助人和善良,我可能需要更接近看著他,在處理這一專案在未來時。

(Normal text for OOC purposes)
It looks like we are all prepared to be back at sea once again. I suppose I am thankful at this, as at least it keeps my position moving. A guard found me once, that is not a risk I wish to take again.

Though, if that does happen, it seems this crew has some loyalty to its members. Before we were to set off, it seems some slavers found their way to our docks to reacquire our cook, George, who it seems is an excused slave from someone quite important, or at least with a lot of money and a short temper. The captain said we would not be handing him over, and attempted at least slight diplomacy and talking before the fight broke out. By the time I got there, the fight was all ready in full swing, I attempted to stay by George and make sure he was not taken by surprise, but it seemed he wanted none of it and wished to be directly in the fight. As there were no room on the docks for me, and our crew were given them a through beating anyway, I decided to make my way back onto the ship and simply watch the exchange. It ended rather quickly, with our side the victor, leaving a few men dead, and a few prisoners on our ship, who later decided live was not worth living with out their mustaches. Strange men, who soon through themselves hurt and tied into the waters, rather then go back to their master with their failure and their world with out there mustaches. While I am certainly no slave, it still makes me wonder, would the crew hold the same loyalty to me when the guard, either my fathers or his, catch up with me?

Once that issue was resolved, I went to Desmond with the script on the orb. It seems he studied it quite closely, but was not able to make head of tails of it. To my dismay, I returned to my chambers and handed the orb to my edilon. The strangest thing happened then. The orb began to glow in four different hues, Illuminating all of the text we had not seen yet. As much as I wished to keep this orb my secret, I relented, and sent Shayla for Desmonds help. When he stepped into my chambers, his interest in the item was clear, and he quickly set upon studying it, making out both the words, and their meanings. It was a puzzle of some sort, one with four answers. As soon as one of the answers was spoken the orb suddenly changed in my Edilons hands. Losing it pitch black color of the shadows and glowing a milky light blue. We continued to study, and soon learned in this forum, the orb allowed those touching it flight, true flight. I could see the excitement on Desmonds face as we took to the air, exploring its limits. We soon touched down on the docks, and decided to explore it further, he spoke another word, another answer to the puzzle, but the orb did not react. We tried again, but soon figured, as with many magical items, perhaps it needed time in between uses. Desmond handed me back the orb with what seemed to be great reluctance, and we decided to try again next time we were in port. I handed the orb back to my Edilon, and sent her back to his own plane where the orb will be safe for now. Still though, as much as I find Desmond helpful and kind, I may need to watch him closer when dealing with this item in the future.

Full of surprises - Entry Three



看起來好像 Dio 的家庭是很好知道,在這裡,至少在學校,似乎是在某種程度上致力於他的曾祖父的範圍受到尊重。我知道一點他的姓,和這是什麼意思,但我承認我沒有想到他的名字將會背負著那樣的重量。但只要他進入學校與我和戴斯蒙德,表明他學校的戒指,和他的名字,那些在他周圍的空氣改為尊重的一種即時的感覺。我想他的名字,讓他在我的手臂上説明我的卷軸,為學校的館員進行談判時,雖然肯定不會承認的或它將需要。

我也很驚訝在商店在這個小鎮,不過我覺得這是一個大的足夠埠,和那裡為吸引了足夠多的人用來為他們燒錢,我是非常習慣于處理從我家鄉……有子 par 產品的商店。變化是相當令人耳目一新。能跟大部分的業主,甚至看看一些他們選擇的股票了我們離開的那天,配備了射擊和粉、 手槍、 口糧、 地圖和最重要的是,我的新衣服。由一顆矮星沒有少。但我必須說他的工作是 excusit,真的。它是美妙的感覺,滑新絲後的身體。

當我走回港口與 Dio,戴斯蒙德在腳趾後得到他的卷軸,我們注意到一個大碼頭上的人的集會之前我們的船。看起來像招聘好後都去了。它是相當的有趣組合、 美人魚、 龍人,與所有其他膨脹我們新的數位混合。我也注意到一些婦女看了看 Dio 當我們站在被告席上,而他更是在我手臂上的方式。也許令人失望,我注意到他返回自己的容貌的方式。真正雖然如果他決定受理全船這應該是沒有問題給我,我猜他們只是品種不同這個奇怪的世界一部分的紳士。A 同情有點,但是會有沒有心痛。儘管這樣,這類婦女失去了道德,給我們所有的人爭取更好的東西不好的名聲。

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It seems this port we have set upon is full of interesting things, and…..interesting…people.

It seems as if Dio’s family is quite well know and respected here, at least in the confines of the school that seems to be in some ways dedicated to his great grandfather. I knew a bit of his family name, and what that meant, but I admit I did not think his name would still carry that much weight. But as soon as he entered the school with me and Desmond, showed his school ring, and spoke his name, the air of those around him changed to an instant feeling of respect. I suppose his name and having him on my arm helped when i negotiated with the librarian at the school for scrolls, though I am not sure I would admit that, or that it would have been needed.

I was also surprised at the shops in this town, though I suppose it is a big enough port, and there for attracts enough people with money to burn for them, I am very used to dealing with shops outside of my homeland that have….sub par products. The change was quite refreshing. I was able to talk to most of the owners, and even see some of their select stock. We left that day outfitted with shot and powder, pistols, rations, maps, and most importantly, my new wardrobe. Made by a dwarf no less. But I must say his work was excusit, truly. It is a wonderful feeling to slip new silk upon ones body.

As I walked back to port with Dio, with Desmond in toe after getting his scrolls, we noticed a large gathering of people on the docks before our ship. Looks like the recruitment went well after all. It was quite the interesting mix, mermaids, draconians, mixed with all others to swell our new numbers. I also noticed the way some of the women looked at Dio as we stood on the dock, while he was on my arm no less. Perhaps disappointingly, I noticed the way he returned their looks. Truly though, if he decides to entertain the whole ship this should be no matter to me, I guess they just breed gentleman different in this strange part of the world. A pity somewhat, but there will be no heart ache. Still though, women of such lose morals, give all of us who strive for something better a bad name.

Dio's Journal - Volume 4

The past few days have been most triumphant and fulfilling since our trip began. I am excited to record our success.

We began at Port Royal working to prepare our ship for our trip. I worked with captain Teme to familiarize myself with the skill of sailing before heading out to assist in getting the shot for the ships cannons. The gun merchant in Port Royal was quite skillful and I actually returned later to make a personal purchase. Granted, I swapped out the inner workings of the two pistols, but that is a matter of pride. I made my Patra with my own hands. Some might not say that it still the same weapon. However, i see it more as a change of clothing, as one might discard a dirty and tattered robe to don an elegant new outfit. Finally, we gathered our resourced together and finalized our plans to take our first ship.

We set out for the open ocean, traveling as efficient speed due to our full crew. We skirted around a Spanish isle while the more sea-mobile members of our crew scouted the settlement out. We flew our courtesy flag and remained out of trouble. Little do they know the plans we have in motion.

We found our target ship and set out plans in motion. We caught them in the midst of their own attack and were able to strike with the advantage! Tim and the water-breathers went ahead to scout and disable their rudders. Once that was done I let fly with the cannons and we were able to take down their sails. The rats aboard the enemy ship could scarcely hope to fight back against our attack. We boarded the ship and quickly dispatched the top crew, taking in prisoners from both the attacked merchant ship and the target privateers.

When we searched the enemy ship we found a useful cache of sensitive information. With a quick rearranging of our plans, we changed our tactics. No longer will this ship be a warning to those who may oppose us. It is now our bait for an even bigger prize!

I must confess that my initial worries have been dismissed. Teme is a skillful and cunning captain, resulting in the easy capture of the enemy ship. Even Tim has shown that he is working as a valuable crew mate and team player. His demeanor even seems to have improved in the few days we have been assembled. I have very high hopes as to what we might accomplish in the future.

Tim's Diary Entry 2

[Written in Code (DC40 Linguistics), Also on my person at all times]
Today was a good day, people sucked at trying to kill me. Also Ry’lin is hard to not look at.

Several of the officers went into town to procure supplies with Ry’lin leading them, and actually got under market value, I was honestly surprised I thought she was useless. I am glad I was wrong, nothing irks me more than a useless turd who does nothing but look pretty. She not as good as some women i’ve seen who get men literally throwing gifts at them, but I never expected greatness from her. Anyway after finishing up in town, Teme and the rest of the officers, myself included, voted on going after the weakest pirates we could, it made me sad I know we could handle bigger fish per se. (I guess I’m the Boatswain At least they aren’t stupid enough to put someone less qualified in charge of this shit)

We stayed in dock one more night, but it was the last day that gave me a bit of a fright. Ry’lin apparently has something pretty powerful in her possession capable of giving someone long term flight, they began speaking words I did not recognize and nothing happened. This worries me greatly I am skilled at activating magic items due to my expertise in creating them, and doing things blindly especially with something as powerful as that could have drastic repercussions. I decided to try and learn more about the object so I followed her back to her room, and waited until she slept to try and find out more about the item. She simply handed it to her shadow and sent it to its home plane. She thinks she is smart doing this but while there she can not keep track of the object. Honestly I hope it gets lost there so I can stop worrying. I think she is likely meddling with things she doesn’t fully understand, she thinks too highly of herself and her capabilities. I must devise a way to peer into the shadow realm so I may study this item, and ensure it does not pose a danger. Also it appears she’s hired a hairdresser aboard, the ridiculousness of this notion is astounding. Why do we have a hair dresser aboard a pirate privateer ship, If she is getting a share of plunder I will be having a serious word with the captain. I guess I could just get better at it than her assistant, and get paid more too that’s an option.

Upon arriving near the territory of the Calling Bane we quickly came upon them thanks to Kaleth’s flight capabilities. (Something I’ll have to mimic for my cruiser in the future.) We skirted around the island and performed good reconnaissance, we got lucky and they decided to pursue a merchant vessel which commanded their attention. as we came upon them I went ahead with the shark-man to spike the rudder which i did by myself because the shark-man had no idea what he was doing. I’ll need to talk with the captain again, I hope he listens and stops being an idiot, it was a miracle they didn’t notice us sooner with his giant ass flying back there without a modicum of silence. anyway i managed to save the captain of the merchant vessel who was very reasonable and gave us everything he could carry in exchange for his life. I brought him back aboard the ship as we opened fire on their masts destroying them quickly, we then came around for boarding and with a single shot i brought the captain and then another the first mate. We quickly killed the rest aboard, and began looting the ship for plunder. The captain then informed us that this was to be a dangling worm, He is less stupid than i thought. It is a sound and cunning plan, i think I may enjoy this ship after all.

Dio's Journal - Volume Three

Our little adventure continues to have twists and turns. As we were working on the ship and making ready to set sail, we were accosted by fanciful slavers from a foreign land. They were seeking our dear crewmate George, (Only recently reacquiring his eyesight) seeking to return him to slavery.

Perhaps in some strange law he is their “Property”, but slavery does not sit right with me. I refused to hand him over, and thankfully the rest of the group agreed with my beliefs. (Or, at the very least, wanted a fight) They charged us, weapons raised, but their leader fell to my kneecapping and the captains trip. The clumsy brutes were unable to land a single blow on me, and I did my duty to help dispatch them. We took few wounds while combating them, taking a few as prisoners. Teme smoothed things over with the harbormaster as we prevented the curs from further staining the island with their unworthy blood. (Credit where credit is due, Teme can be quite the wordsmith when the need occurs)

Before shoving off and leaving the island, we solidified our resources and crew, officially naming Teme our captain and laying the ground rules for our crew. I signed without hesitation, as my confidence is renewed after the days turn of events. Wen also questioned the captured slavers after the fact, but they refused to speak, or even emote. They claimed that their mustaches (now removed) were giving them magical powers. This was confirmed by Desmond ton be true. That is one of the strangest, dumbest thing’s i’ve ever heard. Even so, their mustaches apparently housed their will to live. Teme attempted to keelhaul some info out of them, but the slaver simply refused to breathe. Strange, and a bit sad.

We arrived in Port Royal quickly and without much ceremony. We were dispatched again to get provisions and supplies. I struck out with Ry’Lin and Desmond to acquire a few choice items in advance of the more general supplies. I took Desmond to the Port Royal branch of the Academy. I used my signet ring and my name to assist him in getting a choice deal, along with Ry’lin’s mercantile efforts. It is good to be in such an environment, it reminds me of home. Even considering that I struck out on my own, I do miss it sometimes.

When we arrived back at the ship there was quite a list of potentials in the crowd. I noticed that one of them was a draconian. He was hooded, seeing as how their species are something of a pariah due to unfortunate events. I took caution, but did not see the need to call him out. Teme seemed to notice, but he was treated fairly respectfully. Say what you will, but I do admire Teme’s ability to see people for what they can do as opposed to what they might be. A spartan was also present, a fearsome warrior of Greece. He was rejected for being too drunk. (He came back later and was bought aboard)

Surprisingly, several very nice looking ladies showed up. Humans, elves and even a Dwarven maid. Naturally, many of them were interested in me. perhaps it is a flaw, or weakness, but I freely admit I am vain. I think they made Ry’lin jealous, as she was loathe to extricate herself from my arm for the entire proceedings. I do honestly admit that i was planning on doing a bit of fraternizing amongst the fine ladies of the crew, (It’s been awhile since i’ve been with a Dwarven woman. Say what you will but they make for surprisingly good tops.) but upon jesting about this she became very passive about the idea. It seems obvious she harbors affection for me. I do not see the harm in few playful encounters, assuming all terms are understood and nobody is harmed. She does not see it that way. It is a bit of a predicament, to be sure. I did not wish to find attachment, indeed, avoiding such things was my main reasoning in departing my homeland. Still though, a beautiful princess on your arm is naught to scoff at.

While I was engaging in playful banter with the princess, a very…..distinct looking gentleman approached us to tell us off. I ignored him, as I am used to jealous hecklers. They quite rarely have anything to say that is of appreciable value. It did later turn out that he was invited to join our crew. From what I can understand, he is a skilled craftsman of various sorts. I cannot say I agree with bringing him aboard. There are many skilled craftsman that respect the talents, or at the very least the basic human(ish) dignity of the other crew members, or at the very least the chain of command. I can let his comments on myself slide off my back, as I do not need validation of my talents. I do take offense at his comments towards Ry’lin, even if she was not having a fantastic day at market trying to procure goods. We all have an off day every now and again, nobody appreciates having it called it out to them. He also seems to see death at every turn, even from the members of the crew. He eyes us up as if we were vicious dogs waiting to pounce upon him at the first pang of hunger. I don’t see it as a productive team attitude.

This Tim fellow makes me miss Zantetsu. He was courteous, supportive and willing to sacrifice himself for the good of others. This new fellow, on the surface, seems to be cowardly, paranoid and wretched. Still though, he us undeniably skilled and hyas great potential to be valuable asset. Perhaps working with a good crew will help him overcome some of his fears.

To my own personal device, I found a skilled elven crafter here in port royal. She made me a full suit of Bulette leather Elven armor with speed and efficiency. She charged me far less than what the piece should be worth, at least to the best knowledge. It is a work of true beauty and the pinnacle of protective leathers. I must remember to refer her to others, or at least return if I even have further business.

Dumbest Slavers Ever
Mustaches do look stupid

This pickpocket failing fuck turns out to be the worst kind of slave. BURN HIS MASTER At least he has the right idea about killing any that come for him. Hopefully next time they find him it will be at open sea. Not strangling these pretentious Brits is exhausting.

Squid have bigger brains than these mustachiod fucks. Can’t even send a decent treat back to their boss. Heads would have worked. Need to find out where to send them What a waste. Their skin is even worthless.

Finally on the water with a full crew to make this tub hop to. Port Royal on the horizon promises our first good chance make some coin. And bitches. Need to tighten the mainsail. Getting boring in here Gave a spiel to the vikings about joining up. They have proven steady on the ropes and not baulked when presented with the choice. We will find out soon.

Prospero proves again to be surprising in his ability to bring a gaggle of people to the ship. Some of them may even prove handy when shit is on fire. YESS Fire! We are gonna burn the flesh and taste the screams

Tim's Diary Entry 1

[Written in Code (DC40 Linguistics), Also on my person at all times]
Today was a good day, nobody tried to kill me.

Also I’m aboard a pirate ship now so I wont have to hunt for my own food all the time and can focus on inventing and building. Everyone onboard seems nice enough, although I’m a bit worried about the ineptitude of some of the officers. The incredibly pretty one has no place aboard a ship like this even disregarding the bad juju. She even claimed to be a merchant of renown, but then proceeded to claim the wrong price for every item we bought when acquiring ship supplies and provisions. I think she is a spell caster of some sort as she has a spell component pouch, I hope she isn’t as inept at that as the rest of what she does, or I may have to kill her to prevent deaths due to her utter ineptness. When will people learn that being pretty isn’t a skill for surviving, nor does it make you important. I don’t think I’ll get along with her at all, I can’t deal with people who think they are important because they were born pretty or into the right family, maybe this bitch will figure out it doesn’t matter in the slightest. I mean the captain had to have been a slave at some point hes lashed all to hell, and hes in charge So I’m a bit confused as to why she thinks any of her past makes her important. I hope he’s just keeping her around to ransom off to her family at a later date. I am also very glad that there are a bunch strong beefy vikings onboard, plenty of meat between me and the people who will invariably try to kill me.

Tim's List of Threats

[Written in Code (DC40 Linguistics), Also on my person at all times]
1st Column
Nice People who will only try to kill me only on accident
Desmond the Wizard – I like this guy, I haven’t put anyone here for a long time. Note: enjoys trying things he doesn’t understand not quite enough to upgrade threat level though.

2nd Column
People who may want to kill me but will only succeed by sheer luck
Alex – This guy needs to be shot, if only for simultaneously being smart and stupid.

3rd Column
People who may try to kill me for greed or other things
Dio the Gunner – Again not as bad as first suspected, but could use polishing on his gun skills.
James Finley Da Heala – This guy is pretty cool, doesnt give any respect to the hoity toity bitch so he isn’t stupid
Goerge the Cook – Almost got booted, too bad.
Floki the Viking – Seems to be in charge of other vikings, which is good I dont have to worry about them being completely out of control like some vikings.
Arnór the Viking
Einar the Viking
Eyvindur the Viking
Eiríkur the Viking
Indriði the Viking
Ólafur the Viking
Aðalsteinn the Viking
Arnþór the Viking
Njáll the Viking
Óskar the Viking
Hákon the Viking
Páll the Viking
Þórir the Viking
Hjörtur the Viking
Hriedmar the Skald
Yuan Shengkai
Shyala – A fucking Hairdresser, really. This is fucking ridiculous.

4th Column
People who may kill me for fun/Ex Murderers
Teme the Captain – For somebody so obviously housing evil, he certainly values the crew a lot more than I’d expect. I will likely have to go against his wishes in the future to ensure this crew remains intact.
Baeshara – Draconians suck
Tulvir and Kaleth – I hope they don’t get hungry
Jolagh – Ogre Orcs go here on principle
Rakumake – is more of a poisoner, not a bad skill set though
William Fluke/Bartholomew – these guys are terrible but not too terrible, they will make great flunkies for the busywork Teme assigns.
Nibbles – Stays away from me, is tolerable now.

5th Column
People I want to kill and make it look like an accident
Ry’Lin the Bitch – I honestly may have to kill her, if the captain won’t see reason.


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