Syrik's Drunken Sailing



I have not set tinder to strip for more than a week. The illusion of freedom is the voice of a Siren even when I know it’s lie.

The officers wanted a bit of work off of the waves. Dio scouted out some contracts on land to give some time off the water and give the crew time to get some needed work done on our ships. I haven’t decided if I like the result or not.

A small fortune for some flower petals. We got exactly what we expected.

Lizards that could be cowed by just a look. Plants that prove their worth by nearly killing the alchemist we brought with us. Bitches keep seem to be dying for bullshit. Obviously need a ‘padding’ of crew. And more women. Bout fucking time

But yeah, we get to the flowers. Surrounded by lava rocks and a big ass salamander thing. He looks glorious. I guess I won’t crack Dio in the nuts for this job. Alex, for all his flippant meandering and annoying attitude, doesn’t suck when the fire starts.

Midget McParanoia fades out again. I can only assume he is going after the flowers. Not sure if he likes them more than machines or not. At least he doesn’t fucking pass out when he picks shit though. I get to play with the leather factory.

Not bad. As much as they bicker and disagree, they get shit done. They even listen. Mostly. We manage to knock Bertha out and spill some fire over at least one of the flowers for a bit of a bonus. Always nice to get freshly harvested leather. The skin falls away quickly and cleanly. A half ton of beautiful material to work with. OK. Dio’s nuts are safe for a while.

And then came the fucks.

By the way. Ry’lin now has a demon in her head. Apparently she hasn’t get a grip on that fuck. In the fight she was erratic. Afterward, I have no real fucking clue afterward. She lets out a scream and a wave of shit comes down the cavern. Knocks one asshole out and somehow breaks the midget’s midget.

Fucking waste. No soul.

And then came the fucks.

Dio’s nuts are not safe anymore.

Hemo. Devils, Demons, Gods, Idiots. How the fuck does this world even keep spinning.

It’s rich as fuck, willing to toss it at us, and her ‘tasks’ will probably kill more idiots. How could any sane person turn it down.

Also, Alex was 10x the fucking trouble even we suspected. His head exploded with more demon bullshit.


Dios Journal - Volume 8

Things just keep getting weirder and weirder.

We went into the jungle to acquire those flower petals for our friend at the guild, meeting little resistance along the way. We entered into the cave where we could find our prize, making clear to some sort of fiery lizards that we did not intent to be impeded. Tim was positively delighted at the various flora of various toxicity and potency available. The alchemist we bought with us was fascinated as well. However, he made a mistake and almost ended up dying of some horrid poison. We dealt with that best we could before moving on.

Oddly enough, the cave appeared to be partially volcanic. Lava was barely contained underneath cracked earth. We surveyed the terrain and attempted to make plans. Plans which, of course, went to shit almost immediately. Some dragon lizard thing emerged and asserted it’s claim to the territory. I would have entertained a diplomatic solution, but most of the crew saw the value more in it’s bits and pieces. I suppose I can’t argue much, it’s skin and bones are of substantial use. At least now it would not go on to hurt someone. I fired a few expert shots but was unsuccessful when moving in close. Got a bit of lava on me, but magic took care of that.

Ahh, magic. It is not my path, but i cannot deny it’s use.

After felling the beast, something…..unfortunate happened. Something inside Ry’lin changed. Her spells went worky during the fight and she seemed to have lost herself in rage. She unleashed some sort of baleful blast in her anger, nearly bringing the cave down on our heads. We managed to get out of the cave safely, but the fighting afterwards flared up worse than the cave. Whatever happened took it out of her. It would be naive to believe this is something other than the demonic influence. Teme seemed to be in the know about what was happening. Interesting.

I suppose the above explains some of the strange turns he takes. I shared what I know what the captain in what i believe to be a secure way. The prying eyes and ears of this boat are trying my patience. At least the captain was understanding of the issue. As long as Ry’lin can keep her powers under control, she’ll be assured safety. If not, I suppose it becomes something to be dealt with. I can’t argue that logic, even if i do not want it to happen.

I went along to the mages guild to fetch our contact and follow up with the mage I spoke to about Ry’lins condition. It seems like they were already in the know, sending mages en masse off to fight the thing. The only one not going would be Jillian, the young halfling wizardess. She was to be sent back to her homeland, bound under Templar wills. My emotions got the better of me, and I worried for the child’s fate.

And that’s how I became a dad.

I always thought I would become a father due to some drunken debauchery. I suppose at least there won’t be a mewling babe attacked to my arm. Jillian is at least able to care for herself (in some shape and form) and clever. She can be of some use to the crew at large, which she proved later. In her zeal to be useful, she exposed my minor trickery. I cannot dodge the blame, but hopefully we can resolve this peacefully later. I will not be held guilty for trying to ensure the safety of someone I have become close too. Jillian seems to see it fit to call her Mommy which is…..not accurate. She seems to flinch away from the word, though i do not known what ratio of human and demon that is. She seems at least willing to help. I would not ask normally, but I do not trust her around the others.

Speaking of the above, Alex is now dead. His head exploded due to some crazy magic. It seems a terrible loss. We are still implicated in aiding him, but cannot benefit from his presence at all. We will see what comes of this, but perhaps in the long run we have dodged a bullet.

I may have placed us in front of another bullet. In my travels through the city, I heard a rumor of a cat named Hemo being in town. She was a companion of my great grandfather, and my thirst for knowledge about my family line and those historic events got the better of my sense. She seemed to have near godlike powers, even seeing the future. She did, for whatever her inscrutable reasons, see fit to offer us a job. She wants us to activate 10 sites of power in order to resurrect an old friend. I do not think she is lying, but at this point I do not know if i would even be able to tell. However, she offered us an insane amount of wealth. We accepted the contract quickly, as that amount of money would allow us to have a ship custom made. It was too good to refuse. Then again, perhaps that is the nature of a deal with the devil.

We shall see what becomes of all this. What i am certain of is that my life has just become much more complicated.

Tim's Diary Entry 5

[Written in Code DC40 Linguistics, On my person at all times]


What has happened?

它開始作為一個簡單步行 Dio 與 Novus,到商店,然後回來。我發送 Dio 在他的路上,我確信他不想看著我試穿的衣服,珠寶。所以他應該監督帶來的規定,我們買了在船上,以確保我們得到確切地為之付出的人。然後一切都發生了轉變。

它開始與原本獲得為 orb 的商人的到來。當我看到他時,我的心跳加速。我充滿了思想的戰鬥或逃跑的恐慌,我捕獲。這只加強了當我發現我的父親的所有人都背叛了我,和派這個人來擊垮我。我想到我父親的守衛,試圖把他唯一的孩子和家庭協會的繼承人。若要確認我不惹麻煩,或傷害。但不是為了他要賣給我如此卑微到查找和捕獲的商人。(寫在顫抖的手)他已經放棄了吧嗎?是否意味著小嗎?(平靜的手)好吧,它並不重要。我是他唯一的孩子和他的繼承人,那協會將傳給我他的去世或退休的領導,沒什麼可以做的我不會讓它做,即使他值我很少。

但正如我看到商人和他的戰友們,我冷靜的頭腦占了上風。我們簡短講話,orb 開始發光顏色多,像我們一樣。我看不只是看到從未見過的新單詞。我說這些允許問商人,他們是什麼意思,然後突然一切都變了。我的世界旋轉和回去,幾乎像它可能如果你暈,但我才充分意識到。當感覺過去了時,我發現自己在一個陌生的圓形房間,四個元素,與一個人在他們的中心。

我們說著話,他透露自己是創作者在這壯麗的 orb,困在這裡用自己神奇的愚蠢。我感覺到他的話,沒有欺騙,因此變得有點擔心的人。此外,如果我將他釋放,它一定要有一個朋友可以手工創建這種強大的魔法物品,擁有我幫個忙。他演奏了我們整個的談話很平靜,幾乎不關心別人,我不知道也許如果他不想起床他希望的自由,只能任其腐爛如果儀式出錯或我選擇不把他解救出來。


就在那時一切都改變了。儀式已經完成,改變了這個人,變成了一個女人,一個惡魔。我已經沒有時間去反應,或甚至認為我被趕出 orb,回來只能在街上過了。一會兒沒什麼,當時有一個溫柔的聲音在我的耳邊,她說她要給我一份禮物,那麼沒有什麼的聲音。我看著商人和他的戰友們會變成沒有威脅到我和趕走的沙土。我以為這是禮物,這意味著,瞬間的保護,但現在不那麼肯定。

((Translation for ooc purposes only)

It started as a simple walk with Dio and Novus, to the shops and then back. I sent Dio on his way, I am sure he did not wish to watch me try on dresses and jewelry. And I thought he should oversee the people who were bringing the provisions we bought on board, to make sure we got exactly what was paid for. Then everything took a turn.

It started with the arrival of the merchant that I was originally supposed to acquire the orb for. When I saw him, my heart raced. I was filled with thoughts of fight or flight, of panic, of my capture. This only intensified when I found out my father of all people betrayed me, and sent this man to hunt me down. I expected my fathers guards, trying to take his only child and the heir to the guild home. To make sure I was not getting into trouble, or hurt. But not for him to sell me so lowly to the find and capture of the merchants. (Written in a shaky hand) Has he already given up on me? Did I mean that little? (A calm hand) Well, it does not matter. I am his only child, and his heir, that guild will be passed down to my leadership upon his death or retirement, there is nothing that can be done about that, I won’t let it be done, even if he values me so little.

But as I saw the merchant and his comrades, my cool head prevailed. We spoke briefly, and the orb started to glow many colors as we did. I look down only to see new words I had never seen before. I spoke them allowed as asked the merchant what they meant, then suddenly everything changed. My world spun and went back, almost like it might if you faint, but I knew I was fully conscious. When the feeling passed, I found myself in a strange circular room, with four elementals, and a man in their center.

We spoke, and he revealed himself to be the creator of this magnificent orb, trapped here by his own magic folly. I sensed no deception in his words, and therefor became a bit concerned for the man. Besides, if I freed him, it would be good to have a friend who could craft such powerful magic items owning me a favor. He played our whole conversation very calm, almost uncaring, I wondered perhaps if he did not wish to get his hope up of freedom, only to be left to rot if the ritual went wrong or I choose not to free him.

He told me of the ritual, of what would need to be done in order to insure his freedom, and my own. He told me the sacrifices that would need to be made in order to obtain it. As I followed his path, and banished the elementals for the ritual, i felt regret inside. Not only for destroying such a potent part of this magical item, but because I could see even though they were caged and tethered it was not there wish. Still though, I banished them, collected their essences, and drew the lines with the sand.

It was then everything changed. As the ritual was complete, the man changed, transformed into a woman, a demon. I had no time to react, or even think as I was cast out of the orb, back only the street where I had been. For a moment there was nothing, then there was a soft voice in my ear, her voice saying she was to give me a gift then nothing. I watched the merchant and his comrades be turned into gerbils that posed no threat to me and scatter away. I thought this was the gift it meant, a momentary protection, but now I am not so sure.

Dio's Journal - Volume 7

So, it’s been a strange day full of unusual developments.

We tried to interrogate the newcomer Alex on his motives trying to gain employment on our ship. We eventually deduced what at least seemed to be the truth: he is an illegitimate child of the governor and marked for death. It is no secret that this is as likely a death sentence for us as it would be for him. We eventually decided to keep him around as potential leverage. The bloodthirst involved in simply killing the boy was surprising. I could understand auctioning him off, but still. I don’t believe anyone willing to start this situation in the first place would really pay us in any method except a bullet to the brain.

The personality change is especially concerning in Ry’lin. When she went out on her own, she returned a bit off. I bought Novus to try and ferret out what was wrong. The idea of what happened is concerning. I worry about the ramifications of what happened on her trip. One of the wizards consulted advised that i should procure some magical protection for her. Taking some inspiration from an earlier trip here, I tracked down the Dwarf that sold Ry’lin her earlier purchases. he is a master craftsman, as befitting his history, and she was…..quite pleased at the gift.

Heading into the jungle to procure some magical reagents now, with a fellow I do not honestly recall meeting formally before. he knows his stuff when it comes to plants and potions, so I expect him to be very helpful on this trip. It is honestly kind of refreshing to not be on sea for a time, and not to worry about being lost adrift in a field of endless blue.

Hopefully, nothing happens to the ship while we are away.

Tim's Diary Entry 4

[Written in Code (DC40 Linguistics), Also on my person at all times]

Today was a better day than yesterday.

I was surprised when the captain ordered us to bug out of the waters of Kingston, he seemed like the kind of fellow to only get more bloodthirsty after the events that unfolded. It was my first reaction myself to want to ditch this island, My appraisal of Teme has risen greatly as of today. We decided to sail back to Port Royale and let things cool off for awhile. On our way to the Island we came across a vessel that had been attack by pirates, and we managed to save the on living person from being eaten by sharks. I hope she thanking her lucky stars, She tols us that the ship that attacked her likely suffered from the same fate as hers due to the battle damage her merchant vessel dealt before it sunk, if this is true she will be a good addition to the crew if Teme can convince her. Certainly more useful than the pretty bitch.

Our next move was to follow the information she provided to hound the pirates that sunk her vessel, and clean up what was left to salvage her remains. The information she provided was completely accurate and this woman has my respect at least, though i’ll have to watch her to see what her personality is like before I know which category to put her in. Three crew members dived into the water and attacked the remaining crew in the ocean. This was ridiculous and though it reminds me why I chose this ship for the general lack of brains for more brawn and meat. Nobody died but it was a heated battle that could have been easy had everyone stood to rail and rained lead down at them, Teme alone could have prevented there ascension aboard with his skillful whip work. After this fiasco though we manged to salvage a bit more loot and charts, not to mention capturing a couple prisoners.

Teme decided it was best to get whatever information we could from them as the crew of their ship was all gnoll, something linking them to what info we had on the Desecrated Romances tail fleet. Teme skipped the boring methods of torture and went straight for something rather inventive Snow Jousting. The crew capable of helming was pitted against each other trying to be the first to Impale one of the unlucky Gnolls, this fear drove them to the breaking point immediately, but we didn’t stop until they knew we meant business. I won the event Obviously, I thought Dio might have been able to best me but it seems he needs a bit more work on his sailing prowess so it matches his gunslinging. I did get another Officer’s share of loot for succeeding though, this puts several of my schematics back on schedule, and should allow me to finish Vic in record time. I can’t wait until he can talk for me and make people hate me a little less. If only they knew how I was raised they might be a little more understanding.

We arrived at the Port Royale docks soon after, and the fish filet/walking crafting parts combo decided the crew was cursed and left the ship. They did leave me some crafting materials though, so that’s appreciated. We also had a strange man watching the ship I ignored him at first but when he went aboard and began talking to Teme in the strangest manner imaginable, it became clear that he might be a spy. (A terrible one like George though) It will be interesting to see what becomes of him. I hope we get to have another jousting match.

Fickle luck


出在海面上,它似乎是另一種不幸成為了我們的財產,在文本的方式。我們偶然發現了一艘船在海上沉沒,這艘船 unslavagable,和贓物已經一切準備完畢,已失去了 eh 深處。但是一個女人,一個商人的警衛,不知何故倖存不只船上,但是饑餓的鯊魚,以及圍繞它的毀滅性。Kaleth 迅速地從水裡挖她和帶她在船上。我已經見證了 James 作為他只以為的珍惜這艘船,然後他"療傷"丟了,當他終於得到了她的那段時間忽略女人。我會說我相信如果我曾經醒來找 James 摸索我的任何部分,並要求它癒合,他可能要療傷幾個額外之後。不管怎麼說,那個女人恢復了知覺,,告訴我們她和她的船員發生了什麼事。很快,我們的方向走並在船上設置,因為它是在水都準備好了出發了。

似乎這將是很容易的素材,但顯然在船上的淹死的狗做不知道如何去死,但他們知道如何去殺了。技因 Keleth 和 Tulvar 進入水中,看拿一場戰鬥,他們很快的完成。看來戰鬥不是如此之快,濕的狗襲擊了他們所有,把它們帶。他們將已丟失的海洋深處,以及如果不是因為其他人上了船,然後完成了狗,他們試圖登上我們的人的行動。它看起來應該有哪些容易清潔起來又一次搞砸了的乘員組的成員。我等不及要看接下來會發生什麼了。

(Translation for ooc purposes)
It seems luck is a fickle mistress out on the high seas. We began our day in flight, fleeing from the diabolical created by George when he went into town to sow seeds of suspicion. Teme decided that with his failure, more ships would be coming then we would likely be able to handle, and so we took off for open sea once again. I was a bit surprised by the decision, as I originally saw Teme as the “bring it on and burn them all” type, however, weather I misguided him partially or he something new has awakened in him in his rise to captain, I believe this was a very wise move. There is no shame to remove our self from the situation to come back and strike later.

Out on the sea, it seems another misfortune became our fortune, in quite a literal way. We happened upon a ship sinking at sea, the ship was unslavagable, and the loot had all ready been lost to eh depths. But one women, a merchant guard, somehow survived not only the destruction of the ship, but the hungry sharks circling it as well. Kaleth quickly scooped her from the water and brought her aboard. I has to witness James ignore the woman for some time as he thought only of the treasure that was lost off the ship, and then his “Healing” when he finally did get to her. I will say I believe if I ever wake up to find James groping any part of me and calling it healing, he may have to heal a few extra wounds afterwards. Regardless, the woman regained consciousness, and told us what happened to her and her crew. We quickly set off in the direction they were going and set upon the ship as it was all ready on the water.

It seemed like this would be easy pickings, but apparently the drowned dogs on the ship do not know how to die, but they knew how to kill. Teme Keleth, and Tulvar entered the water, looking to pick a fight and finish them quickly. It seems the fight was not so quick, as the wet dogs struck them all and brought them down. They would have been lost to the oceans depths as well if not for the actions of others on the ship, who then finished off the dogs as they tried to board us. It seems what should have been an easy clean up was yet again botched up by member’s of the crew. I almost can’t wait to see what happens next.

Dio's Journal - Volume 6

The ocean, as I have come to learn, can be a very somber reminder of the fickle nature of luck.

We started our day fleeing from the area around Kingston due to the captains concern that we have riled up the area captains too much. That works fine for me, As I do not wish to end up as a prisoner again. I am concerned that, if we return, we will meet with an expanded armada. However, that is the concern of tomorrow. To be honest, I don’t know if we were exactly ready to take on an entire country worth of ships just yet. Still, I would not be surprised if we return one day. Tim wishes to see that city burned to the ground for what their soldiers did.

Interesting, we received a blessing from anothers curse. We wandered upon a wreck of a merchant ship with only one lone survivor left. We rescued her and even managed to capture the sharks that threatened her. (I cannot recall ever having shark, but i am led to understand that it is delicious) She is a catfolk girl, if the ears are any indication. The other men in the crew were fairly excited at the prospect of another lady on board, with James even taking the “liberty” of giving her chest a few idle gropes. She was…..not very pleased. She seemed very calm and collected for someone who was almost eaten by sharks. Admirable. I offered her my room (As I could trust that it would be clean and orderly, it is MY room after all) while I slept in the common area. Ry’lin caught me later and invited me to stay in the extra room contained in her shelter. No good deed goes unrewarded, i suppose.

She directed us to the bearing of the ship that attacked her, noting that they were barely fit to sail after the attack. We pursued them and pressed our advantage, for the loot, the information, and simply for revenge. Tulvir, Kaleth, and a magically aided James went to investigate the (apparently abandoned) sinking ship. We were all surprised to find, however, that the Gnolls aboard managed to cling to life and press an attack. We narrowly managed to save James as, miraculously, Tulvir and the Dragon managed to escape death in the deep.

Those of us on board pressed the attack. I managed to take out some of the waterlogged dogs with some expert pistol shots (including one bullet scoring two headshots – not that I would brag) until the began climbing aboard the ship. Rapier drawn, I exploited their slow reflexes by scoring several shots through the eyes. The clumsy curs lost their only advantage once they started to crawl onto dry land.

The captain took the gnolls onboard and offered one of them the chance to speak – the one who did not die due to being speared by the tip of the Dangling Worm. I declined to participate in the competition, as there is little joy in such sport where your opponent is helpless. I chose to retire to my temporary quarters and to my surprise Ry’lin accompanied me.

I have not had the pleasure to be in this strange domicile until now, but it is a work of great magic. Obviously the furnishings have been provided from outside the ship, or i suppose were requisitioned early on. We sipped tea as we discussed scandalous things in the guise of combat techniques. I think it was apparent that she was on the same level of conversation as me. I admit that I am genuinely intrigued at this – she is competent and has a strong personality, yet she seems unwilling to discuss such thins openly. Wonder if it’s a cultural thing.

She surprised me later, perhaps as thanks for the conversation, by dressing in the style of women from my homeland. The effect was very strange, pale skin where tan should be, make up where there is usually the sweat of heat and combat. And yet, it worked. I think that, yes, this would be a welcome change from the rough and tumble ladies of Greece.

Interestingly enough, Tulvir decided that he needed to break away from us. He cited something about the danger involved and needing to find his parents. Seems silly to me, to cite an excess of danger, then to strike off on ones own. Not to mention that fact that being on a traveling ship means more opportunities to find information. Still, it it not my way to question the choices one makes. I hope he will be safe.

Anyway, by instruction of the captain we went to the academy looking for a portable hole to aid in deep sea recovery. We found a child there that seemed to know a great deal about Novus. (Or is it the Novus?) We let her talk to Novus while we were at the academy. Perhaps I should have asked her more, as I would be lying if i said the tiny creature did not interest me. One of the instructors there also made me aware that there was a job board at the academy. I committed the entries to memory. We may still find some use for it, and truth be told I think I would welcome some time on the land.

The ship seemed to be on alert when we arrived back after procuring supplies. I have yet to find out what is going on, but the captain seems to have sequestered himself in his cabin with a bound man. Perhaps the captain has finally found himself a playmate.

Funny, I would not have guessed men to be part of his fancies. Then again, a Greek calling someone out on his sexual interests is just about as hypocritical as you can get. I suppose the reasoning for this will be revealed soon enough.

DIo's Journal - Volume 5

Apparently, I am led to believe that our attempts at subtlety have been completely ruined. That is quite disappointing.

George was dispatched to Kingston in an effort to spread rumors of how dangerous and active we are in these waters. (Or something of the sort) It ended with him returning half dead of bat bites and wearing a dress. I am actually surprised that the captain did not eat him. Tim was sent in an effort to make lemonade out of these metaphorical lemons. He returned on his personal ship almost shot to death. At this poimt, I even thought about volunteering. I did not think it would aid us at this point, as I imagine the town is on high alert.

I can’t complain too much, i suppose. I am enjoying this flirtatious relationship with Ry’lin. We sat on the ship, talking and singing and being generally merry. I wonder what would have become if Desmond did not interrupt our discussion.

Not that I was about to argue with him. He was filled with some measure of arcane potency that made the winds roar and the sea shake. There is no doubt that he is powerful, however, I sometimes wonder how in control he is of his abilities.

I am also bothered by James’ nonchalant thuggery. He claims that Ry’lin should not demand respect without disclosure of why she is with us. She keeps to herself, yes, but then again so does he. It seems ill fitting of a crew to fight so, but at the very least it has yet to hit a critical point. I do admit that, were it not for the captains rules about inter-crew combat, I would have sorted out his attitude problem already. Granted, I am not so arrogant to claim that I do not have an attitude, but at least mine is generally good nature.

While we were waiting for the inevitable battery of ships to challenge us, Ry’lin, Tulvir, James and I made camp and watch among a beach. However, during our time there we were approached by a butterfly(?) by the name of Novus. Surprisingly, he was able to speak. He implored us to help save his family from a spider attack. We dispatched the beasts quickly, but his family was lost. I invited him to travel with us, under the primary care of Ry’lin. She seems to find the creature cute, and I find the music he makes quite pleasant.

I suppose that, like most things, we will see where this Novus situation ends up.

The inept and the excellent.


雖然看起來不都是作為一些一樣無能。德斯蒙德 · 已被證明是優秀的在他的領域。他來到我更多有關 orb 資訊雖然咱們的人也上了岸。他說,風跟他說話,向他揭示其真實的權力和宗旨。我不知道這意味著什麼,但無論它意味著,他似乎知道更多,並且能夠啟動的 orb 中從來沒有見過的方式。他甚至可能發現充分發揮其潛力。雖然他有尚未完全告訴我什麼是,這是很好。資訊是有價值的而且我確信他知道這個,無論哪種方式,這並沒有讓他保持它對自己純粹為長,除非他計畫上偷它。雖然這是一個憂慮,看不到真正戴斯蒙德的類型。時間會告訴我想。我看到的是什麼呢,在每個表單,一些,它是一個美麗的東西。我開始看到為什麼它是值得所有我選擇了雖然它。

它似乎也是在這艘船的人一些人才。不涉及血液、 虛張聲勢或戰鬥的人才。我聽說戴斯蒙德,我們等待著消息,岸上玩他的口琴。不久後,Dio 曾一直保持我公司在甲板上的人開始唱歌。在他的母語關於鬥牛場中一個美麗的歌。這是一個很好的和諧,,一會兒讓我想起家中的舒適。

(Written in Gujen, translation for ooc purposes)
We spent much of the last day off shore of Kingston. So close to it, I would have loved to step on shore, see the city, the markets, the people. But no, it was George who was sent to go, who was sent to drop seedlings of information that the captain wanted, to lure a bigger prize into our waters. A decent plan actually, there may be more to Teme then I first judged. It well thought out, and respectable. Or at least, it started that way, how his man ended it was nothing short of a catastrophe. I do not know all the details, but I know enough. It seems the man we sent into town to whisper in ears instead shouted. Fight in the streets, wearing cloths from an alley, shape changing into a woman. Getting abducted into a mans home. Truly, this man is supposed to be a shape changer, does he have no skill in acting and espionage? What self respecting high class woman flirts with a man in a bar, and allows herself to be taken to his home. I am almost thinking maybe he was looking for a little action, as disgusting as that is, that is the only reason I can see for him being so inept. And apparently, how he got out of that home, was even worse. I would write the details I know but I fear if read someday some would think me mad. I hope Teme has the sense to keep this….officer…down in the kitchen from now on. The repercussions of his actions worry me. We were baiting one ship, we may get many more then we bargained for.

Though it seems not all are as inept as some. Desmond has proven to be excellent in his field. He came to me with more information about the orb while our men were on shore. He said the winds spoke to him, revealing to him its true powers and purpose. I do not know what this means, but for whatever it meant, he did seem to know more, and be able to activate the orb in ways I have never seen before. He may have even discovered its full potential. Though he has yet to tell me fully what it does, which is fine. Information is valuable, and I am sure he knows this, either way, it does no good for him to keep it to himself solely for long, unless he planned on stealing it. And while that is a worry, I don’t truly see Desmond as the type. Time will tell I suppose. I have seen some of what it does though, in each form, and it is a beautiful thing. I am beginning to see why it was worth all I have gone though for it.

It seems there is also some talent among the men of this ship. Talent that does not involve blood, bravado, or battle. I heard Desmond play his harmonica as we waited for news on the shore. Shortly after, Dio who had been keeping me company on deck began to sing. A beautiful song in his native language about bull fights. It was a nice harmony, and for a moment reminded me of the comforts of home.


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