Syrik's Drunken Sailing

Who Knew
Lizards are good for more than just eating

Just a jot tonight. Sharing a tent with everyone. Lizards who speak civilized and are reasonable. I am impressed. A shame not only that a smart one is gonna die, but also that his body is so rotted that neither his skin nor meat will be of any value.

Tim's Diary Entry 6

[Written in code DC 42 Linguistics check Also on my person at all times]

Today was a good Day, until things tried to kill me.

The day started as any other, the halfling rose and continued his work and I gave him constructive criticism to spur him to greater fervor. It was during this time that i was also trying to think of a way to improve my survivability beyond just equipping myself with proper weapons and armor. It was an offhand comment from the halfling when he first joined the crew that gave an idea, “A true craftsman’s tools are merely extensions of himself.” With robots taking the shape of humanoids and other creatures already in existence, why could I not apply the principle to myself and make a less vulnerable body.

It was a logical extension of my work on my menagerie and Vic. I think I may have come up with a way, granted I’m not exactly sure of all the specifics but I feel I have a decent working knowledge to at least begin gathering what materials I will need. I obviously will need more Darksteel (I was thinking steel for the sake of having multiple copies in case, but thought better of it.) I think I will also need some sort of gem or other device capable of holding a soul. This is the important piece and the one I have the least knowledge of, If I can find something to fit this criteria It will be easy to finish the rest given time.

We set out for the first dungeon for the rich crazy cat lady. and on the way were attacked by giant scorpions before we found the lizardfolk tribe with the key to the area we needed to reach, those same scorpions killed some of their tribesman so we brought them back to curry favor. Which turned out unnecessary because they revered the strange robotic elf, I know hes interesting but damn. He also had his memories returned by the sickly shaman, who didn’t want to switch to a shaman of earth. Upon regaining his memories he remembered a mission he had, and asked us to help. I agreed once he offered me his schematics.

We are spending the night here in the camp and are setting out into this dangerous Dino valley in the morning. I have some time to think now while everyone is sleeping. my thoughts have turned to whispers from the other crafter’s who think little of me as a person, and the opinions of some of the others. These opinions were not shared with me directly and would likely have not been spoken in my presence had they known I was there. One of the benefits of being so sneaky is that I get to learn what people really think of me, which normally just makes me depressed or angry. Having never experienced anything like the rest of them to help develop their social skills, it only makes sense that I cant express what’s in my head easily via words. These people can not fathom how hard it was for me to learn to speak (at least once i figured it out like other things it became easy for me to pick up other languages) at the age of 60 while hiding in a university absorbing knowledge at a frantic pace to try and “Fit In”. This recent attempt aboard Teme’s ship is the closest I have ever come to connecting with anybody on any level. I’m slowly getting the hang of it, but this is by far the hardest thing I have ever had to learn or deal with.

Back to the whispers though, I get easily sidetracked, Many aboard think me only capable of replicating that which has already been done. This Irritates me, Invention comes from things before being improved upon or replaced, carts wouldn’t have been invented without the wheel after all. If something new and unimaginable is what is required to earn somebodies respect as a craftsman, then that is what I shall do. I AM TIM THE ENCHANTER!!!!!

Dio's Journal - Volume 11

A fairly quick entry today, as we are about to head off into the waiting jaws of danger!

After getting our affairs into order with our ship and our items, we set off for the first mysterious island to complete Hemo’s quest. The idea of what could be waiting for us there that a demigod or godling or whatever insane thing that cat is could be afraid of.

On our way in we encountered a dead hunting party of Lizard, being devoured by a hunting party of far less dead scorpions. We fought them off, despite being much tougher than any other scorpion i’d seen on any mainland. We managed to recover the bodies and we resolved to return them to their kin. (Well, maybe it was more for political reasons than anything else but close enough)

We managed to find the lizardfolk and their encampment using our considerable investigation skills. We were worried that we would need to employ our diplomacy skills to gain access, but they have some kinda of worshipful belief in the robot man. They led us to their leader, who was dying of some mysterious malady. Tim offered to try and diagnose his condition, but the implication was that it is magical in nature.

The leader said this has something to do with the elemental temples that seem to have gone out of sorts. One day the mage guild might have been sorting this out, but that seems a distance impossibility what with all the complications that have occurred. Either way, he saw fit to give us the key we needed to proceed on our assuignment.

In exchange for his help (And to slightly make up for the disappointment caused by the ‘stairwalker’ not knowing what he is, I promised him whatever help I could give. Perhaps i can get the rest of the crew to go with me. Still, I do not know what profit might be gained from it without a mages guild to turn it into. We haven’t been exactly altruistic.

Anyway, after resting in the small encampment, we will be setting off for the hidden valley soon. Who knows what awaits us there? I fear that we will not be too happy once we find out.

Dio's Journal - Volume 10

After a month of turbulence, training, fishing and weirdness, we take to the seas again in search of a good scrap.

Our new ship is a wonder of engineering. Metal construction, more cannons, a self propelled engine, included forge – it is fantastic. It suits my proclivities towards a defensive focus in a fight. I fear, however, it may have given us a foolish confidence in our first fight using it.

We sailed up to our twin targets and used out superior speed to outmaneuver them. As we made to pull along side the lead ship, they decided that they did not quite agree with us. Mortars rained down upon our ship, doing respectable damage even to our steel frame. Desmond and Prospero took mortars head on, and this necessitated James to stay behind and care for them. The rest of us made to the enemy to begin the engagement.

I went directly towards the captain, as he was the only one of these pitiful rogues who could even come near putting a scratch on me. He was not without his own defenses, protecting his unworthy face with stolen armor from my home country. Eventually, I was able to catch him unawares and relieve him the use of an arm. The dance of the duel was almost over, as I was ready to teach him how poor a decision ignoring me is. At that moment, Tim appeared and blew his head off. I still say it was an exceptionally lucky shot, but at least Tim credited me for the training I gave him.

As we fought harder and our victory was basically assured, the cowardly pirates decided they would rather die than have us take their loot. Try as we might we could not stop them from completing this action. I stayed behind to try and gather as many prisoners as i could when i was caught in the explosion. Thinking quickly, i used the pirate i was holding as a rear guard to prevent a great deal of harm from the explosion. (Also I totally did not even look at it, because I am a cool guy) Then, using my natural athleticism, I managed to execute a perfect dive into the sea right as the ship pulled up next to me.

The battle may have been, well, not hard fought. It was more….tedious. Either way, without new and improved underwater crew we were able to collect a large deal of the loot and make our way to get repairs. We set out now for one of the areas Hemo wants us to visit, i think. I wonder what dangers await us there, such that someone as potent of a mystic could not set foot there.

Shopping Trip
Purchased in Pain

Finally under sail again. Finally out of sight of land. Finally taking action that is natural to mankind. The pursuit of prey.

We sent out some feelers to dig up rumors about our prey’s location. Much to my pleasure, surprise, and amusement nobody returned to the ship feathered with arrows and bullet holes. I could become accustomed to this.

Now for the test of our decisions. At my guidance we invested heavily into a powerful ship, a platform upon which to build. We did not invest into arming her with weaponry to match. Now we pursue a target who has what we need, armaments.

Glorious Fools. Their weapons tear into us with fire and fury. GLORIOUS. As fear creeps into the crew I can feel nothing but glee at what will soon be ours.

Facing two opponents I decided to bound aboard the main vessel and have the crew crush the other. While I could not keep too close a watch on their performance, their victory was self evident and the damage screams of our profit.

On board the main ship we find outselves without Da Heala. I would find out later that this was for the best. The melee onboard was no less thrilling. I was eager to observe our new robot toy. I wished to see if he was intelligent. He proved to be driven and passionate about it. Sadly he also proved to lack the warrior spirit. It is important to know the tools in your kit. This one is a club, not a blade.

I had harbored some hope that a portion of the crew would join us and serve us well with the new weapons. They chose a fiery death. Fucking Idiots. They even blew up the fuckers I knocked out for prisoners. AND THE GODS DAMNED CHARTS. Well I guess I should be happy I won’t have them on my crew after all.

As fortunes would have it, we are forced to give sight of our vessel to those who will not die shortly after. I only hope that this piece of shit little port will slow the spread of our description.

Tim's Ledger of Progress, Materials, and Ideas

[Written in Code (DC42 Linguistics), Also on my person at all times]
Project In Progress
Almost dying is becoming a much to frequent occurance, I understand that we are living a dangerous life but holy crap. I think it is best that I make myself not so squishy and I hate to say but expendable, like my robotic automatons. It will be considerable work and be costly but I think I should create a new body for myself that can withstand the dangers we are facing, and if we meet something beyond its means it could be replaced. From what i know of such endeavors death would be more final than for most people, but as I don’t trust any of the so called “Gods” that means little to me. It will take a lot circuitry and plenty of raw materials for an adaptable body, luckily I have been toying with this idea for awhile before writing it out, I shall make the Exoskeleton my “skin” at such a point as it designed for such a thing. It will require one other thing, an empty Soul gem for my own soul to be deposited into, that part will be the most dangerous and is largely unknown territory for myself. If anyone can successfully finish this task it will be me though.
“Skinless” Darksteel Body 0/90,000gp | 0/1 Soul Gem 1 Week to Craft

Project In Progress
I have come to realize that the captain does not value good craftsmanship over fast craftsmanship and has decided to go with the hack who dares call himself a dwarf, I’d consider him halfling at best. It is to this end that my next task is to merely be exceptional and fast. I am one of the best in my field after all. I have a few things I need to get this started however, I need a bit more time testing out Vic and his new modifications. If all goes well I should be able to duplicate some of his basic functions into other robots. These will allow me to craft much faster and in greater quantity than before. This will allow me to create things for the officers as well as crew and shall ensure a supply of income for myself that will enable me to outfit myself properly.
Dedicated Wrights x10 Finished 1 Day each to Craft.

Project In Progress
Biokinetic Exoskeleton, Biokinetic Shield Gauntlet, and Umbrite Alloy Mask
I have realized that the next investment I must make is in a set of protective Equipment so that I am not so vulnerable in combat. I have conceptualized and came up with some prototype schematics that should be feasible once I have my wrights online. The armor will link directly with my nervous system, for smooth motion despite its heavy nature do the darksteel I plan to use and shall feel as a second skin, the same goes for the shield gauntlet on the left hand, it will merely be an extension of my arm. The Mask was originally going to be a helmet with faceplate, but the little girl Dio adopted gave me some inspiration, I shall fashion an alloy from umbrite and Darksteel it shall shroud my face in shadow, and provide superb protection like the rest of the suit.
Biokinetic Exoskeleton*Paid* (1 Enhancement , Halfweight, Comfort, Muleback Cords, Ant Haul) 5 Days Crafting, 2 Days Enchanting
Biokinetic Shield Gauntlet Paid (1 Enhancement) 5 Days Crafting, 1 Day Enchanting
Umbrite Alloy Mask Material’s Acquired Included in Armor Fabrication

Project In Progress
Electric Chain Whipsword
After I finish my protective Gear my next work shall be on a piece of melee weaponry, it is another place i find myself constantly at a weakness compared to others. The current Design I’m thinking of brings a tear to my eye with its complexity and deadliness. I must thank the captain though without seeing him in action I don’t think I would have ever came up with this. The Idea is to Osciallate serrated blades along the length of the blade but in two different manners. The blade shall be segmented so when all the segments are together I want it them to rotate along the entire shaft, but when segmented out for hitting further targets I want each blade to rotate on its independent section, I believe this can be accomplished via two different tracts for the blades to catch onto and using the force of magnetization.
Electric Chain Whipsword Materials Acquired 5 Days Crafting

Project In Progress
Anti Armor Light Rifle
Once I have Finished shoring up several of my weaknesses on the field of battle, I must further strengthen the one thing I am good at. I’ve done a lot tinkering on my wall gun, and it is a solid design, but with all the recent developments I’ve been thinking of and pondering on I’ve came up with a few improvements for one handed firearms, bigger than an average pistol, but smaller than a rifle. Combined with the Armor Piercing modification I’ve made for my wall gun it should be deadly effective and allow me to still shield myself with my gauntlet. I shall also take a loot at some Dragonwrought weaponry to see if I cant further enhance this design, as I should have plenty of time with all of my projects in line before this.
Anti Armor Light Rifle/Ammunition 600/5375gp 5 Days Crafting, 2 days Enchanting

Project in Progress
The Captain Wants me to make a portable hole, and a diving bell to go with it for easier salvage operations. The diving bell is standard equipment for the most part, the portable hole will take some doing, I will likely need my mana cylinders working overtime for this one.
Diving Bell (Materials Acquired) Need a Forge to complete
Portable Hole 0/10,000gp

Current Materials in Possession
Empty Mana Cylinders (Used to store latent mana in the air for the purposes of enchanting)
120 Pounds of Brine Dragon Scales, 6 pounds of Brine Dragon Bone

Trying to fathom a design for a lens that channels magic visually like many detection spells except to air currents, distance and the like to allow for accurate far shooting.
Targeting Lens 0/30375gp (Quickened True Strike 5/day, Lvl 7 Crafting Requirement)

An idea came to me when we came across all these raw materials, If we had a way to quickly turn the raw material into finished product we could easily increase our profits exponentially. Perhaps I could create small worker drones to assist me in this endeavor.
Nanite Hive 0/9,450gp (Fabricate 2/day, Lvl 6 Crafting Requirement)

We ran into some pretty heavy crates while salvaging and needed the shark and dragon to go down due to the water pressure. These problems have got me thinking about how to deal with these problems aboard my cruiser. It would also serve to be able to duplicate the process for the captain so others may salvage. I could probably manage this via some tweaking of my mana cylinders to only accept water mana, and buffer it back out, effectively using water pressure to counter water pressure. I can also adapt the hydraulic systems from my cruiser and the air scrubbers I’ve been working on to a smaller scale as well.
Bracers of Salvaging 0/19250gp (Ant Haul, Muleback Cords, Protection from Pressure, Air Bubble)

Seeing the shark in action makes me think that I should have my own method of water travel in case something happens to my ship. I need to find a way to scale down my propulsion system on my ship to a more compact version perhaps one that fits in a backpack.
Cruiser Pack 0/8000 (Touch of the Sea, Expiditious Retreat)

From the mouths of babes

我很高興我們還停在港口。仿佛我父親的男人已經把我的位置,然而,以及 merchents 一直處理,現在,所以我一樣全力在陸地上享受我們的時間,它似乎是不可以這樣做的。然而,有一點不同,現在,我與迪奧的年輕的女兒共用宿舍。她是,嗯,我真的不知道該怎麼想她。她的天賦是在她的魔法,這是肯定的。完全明白為什麼 Dio 不希望她到聖殿武士的命運。還是在此基礎上,很奇怪,看看作為一個父親,Dio,她似乎已經有時叫我媽媽。它是…有點讓人不安的是,我從來沒有想到自己作為一位母親。無論,我感到需要為女孩做一些特別的東西了。所以和我一起,做一些購物的衣服,我帶她到埠。那只是我不會做,她的一切並從書院,那些二手長袍。我把她帶到店裡,然後試圖留回來一樣可以。一個女孩已經學會如何處理一個商人。她做得好,然後希望一切的一切,我吃驚的交集。我得到了她很多的衣服在她喜愛的顏色和不同的格局,並且……額外小事情。不過我會給 Dio 要給她這份禮物。


看來 Dio 保守秘密從我。他說的秘密是為我自己的保護。我 dislke 我已經開始懷有大量 Dio,信任,現在,我不那麼肯定。他給了我漂亮的禮物,附帶機密附件。仍然是我的…我能理解他為什麼那樣做吧他不知道什麼在我耳邊低語的惡魔知道,它有,什麼控制,說實話,我也不知道。我不喜歡他的秘密,但我能理解他為什麼覺得他們不需要。他帶我到一邊說話多、 並透露更多的他對我的真實感情。我發現自己令人陶醉,,也許我的感覺是越來越接近他自己。從未見過一個人可以像 Dio

(Translation for ooc purposes only)

I am happy we are still in port. It does not seem as if my fathers men have figured out my location yet, and the merchants have been delt with for now, so I am enjoying our time on land as much as possible. However, it is a bit different now that I am sharing quarters with Dio’s young daughter. She is, well, I truly don’t know what to think of her. She is gifted in her magics, that is for sure. And I can fully understand why Dio did not wish her fate to the Templar’s. Still, it is odd to look at Dio as a father, and she seems to have taken to calling me mother at times. It is…..a bit disconcerting, I have never thought of myself as a mother. Regardless though, I felt the need to do something special for the girl. So I took her into port with me, and to do some cloths shopping. All she had were those second hand robes from the academy, and that simply would not do. I brought her to the shop, then attempted to stay back as much as I could. A girl has to learn how to handle a merchant. She did better then I expected all in all, I was pleasantly surprised. I got her quite a few outfits in her favorite colors and various patterns, and also…a little something extra. But I think that gift I will give to Dio to give to her.

We also seem to have some….“new additions” to our crew. I suppose it was going to happen sooner or later. When me and jillian returned to the ship, by the sounds of it, the crew were quite enjoying our new additions. I do hope this is not what every day on the sea is like. I will have to make sure to thank Desmond again for my quarters, which are far away from the noise, and the actions.

It seems Dio has been keeping secrets from me. Secrets that he says are for my own protection. I dislike that, I had begun to harbor a great deal of trust in Dio, and now, I am not so sure. He gave me a beautiful present, that came with secrets attached. Still i…..I guess I can understand why he did it. He does not know what the demon that whispers in my ear knows, what control it has, and to be truthful, neither do I. I do not like his secrets, but I can understand why he felt the need for them. He took me aside to speak more, and revealed more of his true feelings for me. I find myself charmed, and perhaps my feelings are every growing to match his own. I have never met one quite like Dio

Wings of Darkness, Screams of Truth
I am become

Nobody exploded today. I have mixed feelings about that. Boring .

We have now seen that Port Royal holds wells of power behind it’s mundane facade. That the wooden buildings hide massive tons of steel in the hands of merchants says much about the realities of frontier towns. Hold Power. Reveal it Not.

I will happily take a page from their book. We have brought the materials to this secluded cove and will come out with a beast of the sea. Dark death that shall strike fear with it’s name, much less it’s vision.

With a steel ship, cannon ports to deliver our will, a star of purpose to drive us forward. And tits. Finally have a supply of tits. You can drive a crew to exhaustion every night in a hail of fire and death, and if a set of tits is waiting for them when they hit the bunks they will do it all again the next day with gusto.

It is amazing that every method used to siphon away the freedom they think they have is seen as a freedom itself. We mortals are fucking stupid. Smartest thing you have written yet, stupid.

Dio's Journal - Volume 9

Ugh, what a day. My head feels like a blacksmith anvil. Anyway, I’m gonna try to get through this. Might be important one day. Fuck, it’s difficult to remember.

Well, the captain sent me off in the beginning of the day to buy some ladies of the evening for the ship. Y’know, I’m just gonna call them what they are;. Buncha hookers. Why sugarcoat it? I took James (He wanted his own, go figure) and the cabin boy (He’s 11, might as well get some i guess) to the local brothel. While James and Caleb got their manhoods whacked around, I met with the madam to negotiate a business deal.

I was rather surprised to be honest. In my (prior) experience, madams tend to be ‘experienced’, along with the age that accompanies it. She was actually incredibly beautiful. I would have attempted to make an offer for services, but I did not feel like having my testicles blasted off. I don’t think anyone wants to see that. I always say you can find out a lot about a man by watching how he reacts to a hooker.I most certainly found out that Caleb is the youngest pervert ever. I guess the street must teach you a lot about being with women. Either way, it is admittedly kind of hilarious. James is considering adopting him . God help us all. But, yes, when the ladies got to the ship there was an orgy. No sugar coating it, that’s what happened. it was admittedly excessive. Even in think that, and I’m Greek. Not only that, but Jillian saw the captains captain.

I may not be the best dad.

Speaking of children, Ry’lin bought Jillian some very lovely dresses for the voyage. I probably should have thought of that, yeah. She also used it to squeeze the little Novus for information about her necklace. Shows what a promise from her is worth. She was…..very upset. I find it debatable at best that I lied about it’s intention. it was made to protect her.

All things considered, I do not know why it should have affected me like it did. Normally, I want people to find their own way. Still though, I worry. I mean, I could have had my pick of the wenches, but instead i go to drink my sorrows away and fall asleep at the bar. I just want her to learn her powers and stay safe. I do not think she asked for this, at least not without it’s full knowledge. I know a bit about not having a choice in your fate, sometimes life just happens. I thought it’d be nice to have someone watching your back. I admit that I wish I had more wind behind my sails so to speak. I mean, any guy who focuses entirely on being untouchable (Even if the context of a fight) must have some issues, yeah? It’s not like we have one fight and I go run off to join the insane orgy happening one thin wooden deck under my feet.

I’m trying here. All this stuff – pirates, commitment, fatherhood – I’m trying to figure it out as I go. Tyche help me. I just want to make sure Jillian is safe…and Ry’lin. For someone who doesn’t want to get involved with all this “Wizard shit”, I sure seem to have worked my way into a hornets nest. Should the worst come to pass, I do not fully know if I can do what must be done.

Dramatic prose aside, we picked up some new crew today. A hulking tiger man, and a dwarf noticeable among them. Apparently the Dwarf is a crafter as well, helping Tim magic up some of the weapons. Tim isn’t a fan, calls it shoddy work. To be fair, he’s not a far of much.

Well, he’s a fan of that crazy sky robot we picked up. Once he found out it’s workings, he went from “Kill it with gunfire” to “Let me take a hair sample” in seconds. I wish I could say that was hyperbole, he quite literally offered to buy his hair. According to the lizardfolk that drug the robot warrior to shore, he’s some kind of extraplanar guardian with amnesia. I don’t think the captain cared much, except for the fact that they could all breathe underwater. Hell, the robot is just icing on the cake compared to the lizardmen in that regard. I thought the captain might have wept for joy.

All things considered, I cannot even fathom where this trip might bring us. It’s frightening, you know. I thought we would plunder some ships and make some quick coin. Now we’ve got demons and robots and demigod cats having us free bound souls from the underworld.

Life is about to get much more complicated.

Darkness, wrath, power

有些事已經改變,我能感覺到它。不知道它是什麼,但它感覺的東西在那裡,在我的心中,拉、 逗弄、 那裡非常邊緣。有未能理解這一點,然而,卻沒時間想的。一艘船的中間是安靜的思考,一個窮地方,好像即使像維京人享受休假,我們有另外的工作要做。



不管怎麼說,我們發現山洞裡容易和輕鬆地找到它的居民。蜥蜴和很多人。迷你龍聽到有人叫他們,因為他們呼吸火災的能力。我看著一個我不確定我是怎麼了。我只是走到其中之一、 鎖定他們與我的目光和所有但意志它們寧願飛快地走了,然後保護他們的家園。……,這可以是一種令人驚異的感覺,至少可以說。

當我們更深層次進入洞穴,我們發現我們正在尋找的花朵,我們還發現洞穴的親媽媽。我們所有人著手去做調度她作為蒂姆著手去摘花。當我們戰鬥,我注意到的東西……,但錯了。我的權力、 我的法術,他們不來對我像從前那樣。將調用一個,試著把它拿出來,從我自己來顯化在物理世界中,將獲得別人相反,是我甚至不知道我能做的事情。


當我們離開的時候,我覺得我從來沒有感受過的兩件事。第一,是純粹的憤怒。我停下來,讓集團繼續之前,我以為我知道,從 cantrips 到我還沒有掌握的法術每一個咒語。這是我的魔法該死的並且它會聽 !
第二個感覺,就是力量。純真的、 全面的、 完整的權力。這是最美妙的事情,我有感覺,和我能感覺到它通過我的身體每個靜脈粗化。在我的皮膚,入我的肌肉,我的血和我的一些更深層次的一部分。翻錄和撕裂當它爆炸時從我的身體,使權力清單。

我不記得在那之後的很多。我醒來外面,洞穴崩潰在我身後,迪奧的武器的聲音。集團戰鬥的事,蒂姆正在像往常一樣屁股的事,但絲毫不。仍然覺得那揮之不去的感覺的我,內心的力量我想要這麼多,讓它消耗我再次為 James 和蒂姆看船長無關緊要的事爭得不可開交。於是我讓我的眼睛閉上,讓自己下沉深入到那種感覺,當我們走回 twords 船。

((translation for ooc purposes only))
Something has changed, I can feel it. I am not sure what it is yet, but it feels like something there, at the very edges of my mind, pulling, teasing, there. I have not been able to grasp this yet, but there is little time to think on that. The middle of a ship is a poor place for quiet reflection, and it seems even as much as the vikings enjoy shore leave, we have another job to do.

It seemed simple enough, and not unlikely something I may have done for the guild really. Go to a cave, and collect petals of some rare and special flower for a wizard who was interested in its study. Sense we needed to spend the time on shore anyway, it seemed a good time to get this done.

We trekked into the forest where the cave was said to be. The walk could have almost been peaceful, with the silence of the forest, the shade of the trees, the twitters and chirps of its inhabitants. If not for the ambush it seems we walked into. Spiders, of all things, dared to attack us. It was funny really, they were dispatched with so much ease it was barely worth calling it a fight. Only one of us managed to sustain any injuries, you can just imagine who that was.

Regardless, we found the cave easily, and just as easily found its inhabitants. Lizards, and a lot of them. Mini dragons I heard someone call them, because of their ability to breath fire. As I looked at one I am not sure what came over me. I simply walked up to one of them, locked their gaze with mine, and all but willed them to skitter away rather then protect their home. It was….an amazing feeling, to say the least.

As we moved deeper into the cave, we found the flowers we were looking for, we also found the brood mother of the cave. All of us set upon dispatching her as Tim set upon picking flowers. But as we fought, I noticed something….wrong. My powers, my spells, they were not coming to me like they used to. I would call to one, try to bring it out from myself to manifest in the physical world, and would get someone else instead, something I did not even know I could do.

As the fight ensued, a confusion, and a sort of terror began to fill my mind. These were MY powers, mine. And suddenly, they were not. This was no wizard with trickery that could muck up my spells, this was a stupid lizard with a bit of fire breath. I stood there through the fight, trying spell after spell, until my companions took it down. Nothing I tried worked.

As we were leaving, I felt two things I have never felt before. The first, was pure rage. I stopped and let the group continue, before I began to cast every spell I thought I knew, from cantrips to spells I have not yet mastered. This was my magic dammit, and it would listen!
The second feeling, was power. Pure, full, complete power. It was the most wonderful thing I have ever felt, and I could feel it coarsening through every vein of my body. Over my skin, into my muscles, into my blood and into some deeper part of me. Ripping and tearing as it exploded from my body, making the power manifest.

I don’t remember much after that. I awoke outside, to the sound of the cave crumbling behind me, in Dio’s arms. The group was fighting about something, Tim was being as usual an ass about something, but I did not care. I could still feel that lingering feeling of the power within me, and I wanted so much to let it consume me again as James and Tim bickered at the captain about something inconsequential. So I let my eyes close, and let myself sink deeper into that feeling as we headed back twords the ship.


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