The Turning Tide Ship

The Turning Tide

Custom Man-O-War
Life Boat
Capacity: 0 / 600,000
Flag (Private Signal)
Other Flags
Aztec Empire (Courtesy Flag)
Britonic Empire (Ensign Flag)
Egyptian Empire (Ensign Flag)
Greek Federation (Courtesy Flag)
Imperial Order (Courtesy Flag)
Ottoman Empire (Courtesy Flag)
Roman Republic (Courtesy Flag)
Talrik Alliance (Courtesy Flag)
Zamshi Horde (Courtesy Flag)
Zwelikude Empire (Courtesy Flag)
Ship Base
Ship Laws
960 Miles a day at full crew, 480 at half crew.
Combat Long-gun Cannon*70 (broadside), Long Gun Cannon*8 (Chase), (max 60), Bombarde*10, Swivel Guns (rifle)6.

637 / 1000 (Includes Players, does not include other)

Crew by job

PC Crew

Title Name
Captain TBD
First Mate TBD
Master Gunner TBD
Mate Ry’Lin
Mate Diokles Sagona
Mate Zariel
Mate Mahamati
Mate Kolo Bladebiter
Mate Urag Bladebiter
Mate Velox Victoria

NPC Crew with jobs

Title Name
Boatswain Frederick Hill
Helmsman ArnĂ³r the Viking
Musician Nibbles
Doctor Gregory the Priest
Salvage Soreen

NPC Crew

Name Class Name Class
Aurn Warpriest Bartholomew Artificer
Chingis Zamshi Commando Crown Captain (50) Marshal
Crown Mage (30) Wizard Crown Marksman (119) Cavalier
Crown Priest (30) Cleric Crown Soldier (310) Knight
Crown Spy (20) Master Spy
Crown Templar (40) Templar Eztli Jaguar Priest
Iritheul Trickster Jolagh Witch
Jung Privateer Mili Gunslinger
Nenetl Wizard Novus Moth
Prospero Bard Reinaldo Swashbuckler
Ryn Barbarian Sacha, and Salah Privateer
Sonan Sorcerer Soren Knight
Teocotl Machinari Thema Bloodrager
Theodora Privateer The Vikings Fighter
Xul’Mak Jaguar Priest Yuan Martial Artist

Pleasure: NA
Other: Jillian Marigold Dio’s daughter, Shyala Hair-dresser, Hyun Cho Chef.


The Turning Tide Ship

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