Lost Aeons


Base Item Stats
Price: TBD
Material: Silk with Celestial Bronze trim
Weight: 1lb.
Durability: 15h / 20hp
Location: Skull

This plain brown top-hat upon closer inspection reveals a constantly swirling map of Syrik upon its base. A watch attached to the band at the front of the hat shows the current date and time.

It takes 24 hours to attune yourself to this item at which point all powers work as normal; if you are not wearing the hat for a 24 hour or longer period then you immediately take any aging effects as normal.

Item Powers

  • Shielded: If an spell or effect would deny a player from using one of their abilities that is similar in nature to one from this item, then the user is allowed a Character Level check DC equals 11+enemy CL to ignore the spell or effect denying them their action. This can block mythic spells or effects if you are higher tier than the caster.
  • Space: The wearer of Lost Aeons can as a standard action speak the command word, followed by a location, and throw the hat upon the ground, creating a portal to the location designated. This acts like a Greater Teleport spell that can transport those stepping onto the hat to the location designated. The portal stays active for three rounds and returns to the wearer of the hat when the three rounds are up, or until the wearer calls it back. This portal can transport those across planes. This power can be used at will—with the exception that it needs an hour of charge time after each use.
  • Immortal: The wearer of Lost Aeons does not die of old age, he still gains the beneficial modifiers of age.
  • Time: The wearer of Lost Aeons can designate a single creature within 30 feet, if that creature is dead, it is brought back to life as if by a Breath of Life spell; if alive that creature is instead cured of all negative effects and healed 5d10 HP (plus any modifiers the wearer may have). This power can be used once per week. Sacrificing to Lost Aeons may increase the amount of times this power can be used. This cannot cure effects from mythic spells or effects if you are lower tier than the caster.
  • Life Line: When activated you must choose whether to restore or destroy. When using restore; all allies within 30’ of you receive Regeneration equal to 1/4th of your HD (minimum 1) this is negated by negative energy, if you have channel dice they receive an additional point of regeneration per channel die you have from your strongest channel pool. If you are to destroy; all enemies within 30’ of you take 2d3 points of bleed damage every round while within 30’ of you. If you have channel dice, this instead increases 2d6 points of bleed damage. This power can be used three times per day and lasts a number of rounds equal to your Charisma modifier.
  • Hidden Power I
  • Hidden Power II
  • Hidden Power III
  • Hidden Power IV
  • Hidden Power V
  • Hidden Power VI

Lost Aeons

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