weapon (melee)

Inscribed upon the blade’s inside where it joins the Pommel, was a poem. Something its other wielder’s assumed was nothing more than that and which meant it never fully chose them.

:Front Side:
Temper your Body as Steel
and Pain Again you shall never feel
Temper your mind in War
and by death you will be abhorred
Finally with Honor temper your Soul
And your future you will Control

:Back Side:
Never once show fear of weapons
Or be brought to the heavens
Never turn down a challenge
Or be brought back into balance
Stop those who oppose your path
Or again be subject to Fate’s wrath


The holy sword Kusanagi once a powerful weapon wielded by the general who served the first emperor, the man who almost single handedly crushed all of his lords enemies. The sword was a very powerful magic weapon in its time, but after the general died it seemed to have lost it’s power and was henceforth added to the imperial treasury and kept as an important artifact.


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