Kin Bond Locket



This small silver locket has a large spindly tree on the face, the top most branch has three glowing green leaves.

This locket shows whether those bound to the locket are alive or dead

  • The leaf being green shows that the target still lives, but if the leaf were to turn red the bearer of that locket is most surely dead.
  • This locket also allows a 1/week Commune spell but only towards those bonded with the locket.
  • If within 30’ of a person bonded with this locket you 1/day may re-roll a single Saving Throw, this is at a +2 bonus.

Heal/Resurrection 1/year
only on bonded, and only one of the bonded lockets may use this during the year. (does not cover lost souls)


Kin Bond Locket

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