Dragon's Rage


Base Item Stats
Price: TBD
Material: Blended Quartz encrusted with Hecean sapphires.
Weight: 1lb.
Location: Neck

It takes 24 hours to attune oneself to Dragon’s Rage. If you go 24 hours without wearing Dragon’s Rage you immediately lose the extra skill points gained from Dragon’s Rage.

Item Powers

  • Draconic Rebirth: The wearer of Dragon’s Rage can as a standard action transform himself into a full blown dragon—treat as Form of the Dragon I (at 1-6HD), Form of the Dragon II (at 7-12 HD), Form of the Dragon III at 13-18, and see DM for levels 19-20. The duration is hours/level. You can use this power at-will.
  • Dragon’s Flight: The wearer of Dragon’s Rage grows a pair of dragon wings, with a fly speed equal to that of triple their base speed with good maneuverability.
  • Dragon’s Eye: The wearer of Dragon’s Rage has blind-sight out to 60’ feet. and receives a +10 mythic bonus on perception checks. This bonus is increased by 5 vs those with darkstalker.
  • Frightful Presence: The wearer of Dragon’s Rage can send those within 180’ running in fear. As part of an attack if the wearer so chooses all those within this radius must make a Will save DC 5 + Intimidate skill or become shaken. If the wearer of Dragon’s Rage uses a power to demoralize, such as Cornugon Smash, they in addition to becoming shaken receive the frightened condition for 1 round, and take a -4 penalty on attacks, saves, and AC for the duration of the shaken condition.
  • Dragon’s Knowledge: The wearer of Dragon’s Rage gains an additional 4 skill ranks per HD. These can be placed in any skill as per normal. (Keep track of these separately)
  • Hidden Power I
  • Hidden Power II
  • Hidden Power III
  • Hidden Power IV
  • Hidden Power V

Dragon's Rage

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