Syrik's Drunken Sailing

Tim's Diary Entry 8

[Written in code DC 42 Linguistics check Also on my person at all times]

Today was . . . well at first i thought it was going to be terrible, but it ended up awesome.

To begin lets start off with how we debated whether or not to follow the instructions of an untrustworthy being who comes to you in your dreams and leaves you vulnerable to death. The obvious answer is to trust them and do what they say . . . right? FUCK these guys are as dumb as fucking mules. I did sign the contract to follow the captains orders though so I had no choice but to continue with them. We were then ambushed AGAIN, seriously come the fuck on.

Luckily these were intelligent beings that asked us our business before attacking, and we avoided combat due to Dio’s honeyed tongue. Also apparently hes a demigod, what the fuck is up with this crew. Devilbound members, half-fey, drow, robot elfs, and there used to be dragons and sharkmen. Its like some sort of joke punchline sometimes. When we got to the dinosaur encampment all the big dinosaurs could see me at my best. Fuck.

I was about to head for the hills when one of the dino’s charged but I i wasn’t fast enough and he ended up not actually attacking and just shoving his dino-face in our face intimidatingly. They eventually agreed to speak to us after one of us proved ourselves in trial by combat. Which Dio agreed to readily, though I’m worried about his mental state when he started talking about rules and regulations to the duel. These are freakin dinosaurs man. Anyway things progressed smoothly and they allowed him 10 minutes to prepare himself, and everyone gave him everything they could. By the end his magic aura was lit up like a yule tree from all the magical enhancements, I wish I could have helped but that short span of time is not my strong point.

The battle was short and furious, and I realized two things. These dinosaurs could rip me to shreds right now with my meager protections, and Dio is much more skilled in combat than I gave him credit for. These one on one fights are really his forte. Dio emerged victoriously though after repeatedly shooting bullets into the cranium of the dragon with the precision of a trained surgeon. Something I am but only with tools am I that skilled, not with weapons. After the leader warmly accepted us and brought us to speak more in depth back by his throne. I must say the giant dinosaur sitting in his throne looked more like a red haired poodle being petted by his owner but thats here nor there.

The conversation proceeded smoothly though I did worry for Dio’s sanity when he asked for monetary value from these beasts in terms of coinage. They live in a lost valley filled with dinosaurs and unmysterious lack of real civilization. I really worry for his future, he is far too trusting of everything. In the end we each got a whopping diamond as our up front payment for assisting them. Hopefully we will get both the orbs as well. I certainly would like to study the Ice orb, as that particular element could be very handy on the high seas and could make for some interesting siege weaponry for the ship if my intuition is right about how it will work.

We had five days to prepare and my body needed protection so I threw my every waking moment into completing my exoskeleton before the battle, and with a little help I barely managed. THANK YOU ME. This battle will be harrowing and from what I have seen I will need this to not be made into utter paste instantly. We set out immediately and were shortly after ambushed by roving wild dinosaurs that almost killed the captain and Rakumake again. By the end of the fight though the nearly dead raku stabbed a dinosaur in the throat and he toppled to the ground dead., and dio did the same with a slick one liner. It was honestly a bit anticlimactic for how the fight began. I never did get a chance to ‘Cast my shadow over them’ . . . I should probably stick to crafting items and not words. I’m not good at that. Soon we shall begin the assault on the Ice Tribe, a more orderly but less ferocious bunch, Hopefully i can slip in and grab the orb while nobody is looking.

Good Luck, Me.


satheyo Ronin_Kai

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