Syrik's Drunken Sailing

Tim's Diary Entry 7

[Written in code DC 42 Linguistics check Also on my person at all times]

Today was another bad day.

FUCK EVERYTHING IS TRYING TO KILL ME!!! What good are these meat shields if everything wants to eat my bony ass instead. I can see them coming but I cant react in time, and so far the first strike of every beasty has come to me. First those fucking scorpions impaled me and i thought I was going to die, thank god for James. Then these giant fucking birds attacked me, picked me up and brought me to their nest, WHILE BLIND. Then WHILE BLIND it notices me try to slink away after creating a distraction, which it then falls for anyway. I jumped out of the nest after creating a parachute from the magic I’ve been collecting in my cylinders, and while falling I get caught and brought to safety by an invisible Prospero, who can fly with his fey butterfly wings. Which are awesome but not the point.

Everything in this damned jungle has tried to eat me, I want to finish my exoskeleton as soon as possible, I hope that I won’t die before it reaches completion. Maybe the shark-man and dragon had the right idea. Is this ship cursed, I hope not I don’t think any other crew would stand my presence and I cant leave my ship behind, because even if another paid for it, this is my ship. I am the one who dreamed it up and made it come to fruition by my skill and creativity, i made have had a little help with some of the details, but without me this beautiful monster wouldn’t have been born. Hmmm, a beautiful monster some kind of Succubus? Its a good idea, Melcanthet shall be my personal name for the ship, used between my robots and me. The scourge of seas and men, which is accurate with the silly superstitions most sailors have about women aboard. Anyway as I started writing this journal during first shift with Dio and James, Dio passed out and the others have become a bit restless in their sleep and would not waken for their watches. James and me felt the tug on our minds, but did not falter.

These fools would have likely been prey for some of the dinosaurs stalking this place had me and James not been awake to keep the lizards away from defenseless people. When they finally awoke Dio had mysteriously gotten a helmet upon his head, made of Darksteel no less. Whatever put them to sleep told them some pretty words that they are going to act on, so that we don’t release a great evil. I laugh at this, because none of us has any guarantees that this new information will not cause a great evil to be unleashed instead. When I call them stupid they merely get snappy, and dont see the simple truth, WHEN SOMEONE FORCES YOU TO SLEEP THEY DONT HAVE YOUR BEST INTENTIONS AT HEART! I thought this would be rather obvious even to a lady, instead she was still a bit flustered at the captain for something he did or didnt do in the dream world they said they went to. Whatever I’ll just follow the captains orders. Hmmm now that I think about it why am I still aboard a ship with these imbeciles, every fiber of being screams to run away and to only rely on myself again. Do I perhaps consider them . . . friends? Well at least James isn’t stupid, he at least knows his weak and strong points. Enough for today though, I need to stop working myself up.


satheyo Ronin_Kai

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