Syrik's Drunken Sailing

They Knew the Truth

Even overgrown lizards knew the truth of their slavery. Trapped in an endless cycle. No choices, only struggles. The supposed ‘intelligent’ ones on my crew don’t even realize the mirror it holds up to them. Were laughter an option I would cackle.

What does it say that the very instrument of their imprisonment now resides within me. Not that I was foolish enough to believe that I owned any measure of freedom to begin with. What matter how close the bars.

We are watched far more closely by the Cat than I expected. This is concerning. If it proves to our advantage to betray her it will be difficult under such scrutiny. I seriously consider burning Greece to the ground while we are nearby…..

I need to recruit more crew. Not only will the better manning provide better flexibility in combat, but GODS IN FUCKING ASSCRACKS even the Not As Big Breasted As I Think She Should Be officer wants to get herself killed. It’s like a fucking race to see who can die in the most retarded fashion. With more crew I can have a larger pool to select new officers from. We have some pretty well endowed ones… just need more.

Oh well, burn bright and keep what you can take. Death comes for us all. Die rich and dripping in the envy of others.


satheyo BrianQuad

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