Syrik's Drunken Sailing

The duel and the night

所以我們波瀾起伏不斷。當我們醒來,或者我應該說被釋放時,奇怪的夢,像國家一樣從我們被車開進。船長和其他人立即開始制定計畫,與部落的即將到來的對抗。他們想要在一側耳朵,説明消滅對方,並獲得自己在過程中的 orb 中發送援助。我說這是愚蠢的 technaic,但我的話很快遇難的船員,更笨的成員,我決定的論點是不值得。所以我們 apprached 的一個營地。

我們發現,我們被包圍了。恐龍的每一邊繼續我們在檢查中,當一個較大跑 twords 我們幾乎面對面乘員組。我們所有人都被動搖了,甚至技因,它很容易看到通過看他們臉上,他們的身體的姿勢。每一個人,那就是,除了 Dio。他只是站在那裡,作為它走近,冷靜,並收集石頭面臨。它被看見的和我認為這為他贏得了一些尊重所徵收的他們,因為我們只被允許到他們的營地,跟他們的統治者。坐在 throan 的珍貴材料製成的巨型恐龍。言由 dio,我聽不懂的語言說話。也許我應該改變然而,似乎這些話結束了一場決鬥的聲明中。一會兒,我的心在跳動,想 Dio 決鬥這種事停了下來。我不懷疑他的力量,但我不確定如果他遭遇過這樣的敵人。我們給出了幾個小步舞曲的準備時間,在此期間,每個人都投下他們一切可能説明他在鬥爭中。

之後他迷們來說和一點點的從自己居住的動機,他散步上的橋樑,將作為一個戰場。從迪奧的槍一手漂亮的投籃似乎幾乎在那裡結束。迪諾取得一些體面的攻擊,但沒有什麼能夠破壞魔法置於 Dio。然後迅速結束戰鬥。Dio 甚至提供野獸憐憫。他拒絕接受之前被送進下面的岩漿由迪奧的手。

在那之後,有了更多的發言,更多的否定,但那是所有 bur。一個重要的時間,直到 Dio 然後後來進入我的帳篷的大雜燴。我幸運地擁有從其餘的隱私,著手做某事我被告知要永遠不會做,直到我的新婚之夜。可一直都是他的死在球場上,向我揭開了一些東西。我加入他那天晚上的方式我從來沒有收到。它是很棒。

The duel, the night

So our jouncy continues. When we awaken, or should I said are freed, from the strange dream like state we were pulled into. The captain and others immediately begin to make plans for the coming confrontation with the tribes. They want to send aid in one sides ear, helping to obliterate the other side, and gaining ourself the orb in the process. I say that this is a foolish technaic, but my words were quickly lost on the more thickheaded members of the crew, and I decided an argument was not worth it. So we apprached one of the camps.

As soon as we are spotted, we are surrounded. Dino’s on each side to keep us in check, as one big one ran twords us, coming almost face to face with the crew. All of us were shaken, even Teme, it was easy to see by the look on their faces, the posture of theri bodies. Everyone, that is, except Dio. He simply stood there, stone faced as it approached, calm, and collected. It was a sight to see, and I think it earned him some respect from the collection of them, because we were then allowed into their camp, to speak with their ruler. A giant dino who sat upon a throan made of precious material. Words were spoke by dio in them in a language I did not understand. Perhaps I should change that, however, it seemed like these words ended in a declaration for a duel. For a moment, my heart paused in its beat, to think of Dio dueling such a thing. I do not doubt his power, but am unsure if he has ever faced such a foe. We were given a few minuets of preparation time, during which, everybody cast everything they could on him to help him in the fight.

After his buffs, and a bit of incentive to live from myself, he strolled out onto the bridge that would serve as a battle field. One good shot from Dio’s gun seemed to almost end it there. The Dino made some decent attacks, but nothing able to breach the magics places on Dio. The battle was then ended quickly. Dio even offered the beast mercy. Which he refused to take, before being sent into the lava below by Dio’s hand.

After that, there was more speaking, more negations, but that was all a bur. A mishmash of unimportant time until Dio then later entered my tent. Blessed with privacy from the rest, I proceed to do something I was told to never do until my wedding night. In what could have been his death on the field, something was revealed to me. I joined with him that night in a way I never had before. It was…..wonderful.


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