Syrik's Drunken Sailing

Dio's Journal - Volume 14

This has been a very unusual situation that we’ve found ourselves in. I worry for the future, but the present seems full of promise.

We were victorious in our battle with the dinosaurs. Our alliance failed due to the defeat of our allies, but we rallied around and managed to claim both orbs. The spinosaures had most of us locked down, but I wonder if it would have eve made a difference in the long run. We found the orbs, but they have already been activated. I would have tried to deactivate them, but Tim and the Captain had already “Consumed” them. I worry what sort of folly this will bring to the world. Even worse, Hemo has shadowing us as we emerged with the prize. I will keep silent for now. Maddox is still with me, so perhaps we haven’t entirely failed.

We were able to get off the island quietly enough and retreated back to Port Royale to regroup. I spent some time with Jillian, which i keep telling myself i should do more. She learned a bit of magic from the ladies of the evening. I should….I should try to prevent these sorts of things from happening in the future. She wants to go to the dinosaur island, and was quite excited that we bought back some of the dinosaur eggs. I need to work out some sort of agreement to go back there. The kind of place it is, though. It’s concerning. I hope I can guarantee her safety if we go.

We managed to attach ourselves to a retinue 0of Goblin pirates, as I am told. We are going to help them assault a Hobgoblin war party harassing a nearby human establishment. Some of the crew is uneasy working with Goblins, but the captain assured us the gold is good. I suppose they can’t be that bad if they are welcomed at Port. I’ve been using our prep time to work on my swordplay. I have noticed that I have been relying far too much on my gun, seeing as how our melee fighting has been such a clusterfuck recently. I am reforming my technique to better deal with the sort of ruffians we deal with on a day to day basis. (And dinosaurs) It takes a much more considered stance to fight properly when you know your opponent seeks to slit your throat in the most efficient way possible.

James stormed off the ship after an argument with the captain. I can imagine that it’s a stressful job being the first mate, but I can’t say this is unexpected. He is a very volatile sport of person, and having him here was always risking a fistfight. I imagine Ry’lyn takes heart in this, as they have never got quite gotten along. Tim was crushed though. He appears to have replaced James with a robot. Strange. Either way, I will miss the support his magic gave. I did not need his healing much, but the bolstering will be sorely missed.

I did want to address this strange power that is developing in us. Everyone seems to be taking it in stride, but it is an odd feeling for me. I was not unaccustomed to being more proficient than the common street fighter, but this is different. There is a strange inner glow now, something that guides me. I suppose Hektor and Maddox were right about potential. I am trying to work this into my form, but progress is slow. I don’t think this is something that can be trained, only fueled. We are heading for the next location Hemo indicated, perhaps more clues will be had there.


satheyo Saitken

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