Syrik's Drunken Sailing

Dio's Journal - Volume 13

So, today was pretty awesome. i got to duel a dinosaur for starters. I suppose I should start at the beginning of this tale.

We ventured deeper into the island and stumbled into the territory of the tyrannosauri and saurians. We were ambushed by a pack of their riders near the outskirts of their village and it was quite plain that they were ready for a fight. I was able to speak to them and get permission to speak to their leadership. While I would not be surprised if the rest of the crew found it more expedient to simply destroy one side, I am convinced that having allies is always a handy thing.

After meeting the saurians, I think my outlook might have changed a bit. Their negotiations were borderline combative, and they seemed to regard us as little more than food. One of the dinosaur lieutenants charged up to us, and managed to alarm most of the crew. Naturally, I did not falter in the wake of this angry dinosaur. That apparently earned me some respect, as I was given the opportunity to work out a treaty with them. By fighting the same dinosaur that tried to intimidate us.

My companions used their magical abilities to augment my progress against this beast, making my own abilities even more formidable. I entered onto the bridge where I was set to combat this beast and was unsurprised to find that my opponent had been given the chance to magic himself up. Deciding that my rapier would not be optimal against this foe, I pulled my gun and took aim for a powerful first shot. As he charged at me, he got a few good shots on me but was unable to get me in his maw. I inevitably prevailed against my foe, and offered him a final chance for mercy. he refused, so I put a final bullet between his brain and ended the creature.

Duels to the death always get the blood pumping. Not to mention once everything had settled down, Ry’lin really got my blood pumping.

The leader of the tyrannosaurs was impressed enough to allow us a part in his war. I bartered us a couple diamonds each and an officers share of the loot. I do not plan to stay after we acquire our prize, but if we can take what we want without being detected we might be able to milk even more from this trip. Tim thinks we should just clear both sides out, but we may not want to risk a fight when it is not truly necessary.


satheyo Saitken

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