Syrik's Drunken Sailing

Dio's Journal - Volume 12

At every turn, I stop to tell myself that it cannot get any stranger. Every single time, I have been proved wrong very quickly.

Not long after we wandered into the valley did we find ourselves besieged. These were not mere bandits, lizardmen, or scorpions. These were honest god dinosaurs. Flying behemoths that swooped upon us looking for an easy meal. Despite the captains efforts to incapacitate them, they managed to abscond with Tim and Desmond. Seeing as how i can’t fly (or fall, like the robot or the drow) I had to take the long way round the winding mountain path. Ry’lin and Prospero flew in pursuit (He apparently had butterfly wings all along -who knew?) and must have been fighting them while i was in chase. Even James managed to hitch a ride with that off-putting mechanical wolf contraption.

Once I arrived at the nests where the party had been taken, I saw that the fight had already ended. Desmond had apparently taken on some some embodiment of an electric lordling, calling down furious lightning from the sky. He was almost taken down by one of the creatures, but he managed to cast a last minute spell and buy himself enough time to destroy the rest of the beasts. Ry’lin snatched an egg for her own inscrutable reasons. I cannot say what fate will befall this dinosaur child, but I can’t imagine it’d be one that was much better than his existence here. Maybe raising dinosaurs is common in Gujen? Either way, the beasts were dispatched and we escaped not much worse for the wear.

We made camp shortly after, and I volunteered for first watch. In my jumble of odd racial features, i often find myself wishing for darkvision. It would certainly allow me to be active more often. I suppose that sleeping for longer without interruption is nice though. However, I did not expect that I would be sleeping the entire night anyway. A wave of mystic sleep came over me. i fought it for awhile, even certain that i could defeat it. Something, however, drew me in.

I found myself with the crew, minus James and Tim, on a small island with a hut. We went in to investigate and found Hektor, (or at least he claimed) the very man we were supposed to be rescuing. We also found his magical talking helmet, who is apparently the spirit of the first Maddox. I can;t say for certain it is truly the first ruler of Tathe Alis, but it certainly talks as if he is. (He? I suppose it’s alive, and wouldn’t be an it)

These are people i recognize from stories, my fathers companions and masters. Hektor tried to convince us that releasing him would also bring back the Titans on the world, causing havoc and ruin on the world. Looking at his eyes, though, i saw he was lying. I confronted him on this fact, and he let the truth loose. Apparently, releasing him in the way Hemo asked would also release Kai, whom he claims to have imprisoned. I vaguely recognize the name as familiar, but could not recall details. Leon was always…..hesitant to discuss his dealings with vampires. Bad memories i suppose. Apparently we must take the unactivated gems to the door of Hades, then activate them. A scary enough place, where some say my grandfather truly came into power. I don’t know the exact reasoning for this, but I hope he’s being truthful enough this time.

Hektor left us with the knowledge that he can help us when we enter these dungeons, and he even managed to give us a list of these dungeons. I don’t know if the numbers he gave for them are arbitrary, or by difficulty, or premonition. Self fulfilling prophecies and all that. My comrades were skeptical, but for me this is a very big breakthrough. Being able to connect with my family’s past, having it give me some meaning, it is refreshing. While we will still be fulfilling our contract to the letter, I do wonder if we are violating the spirit of it. What will Hemo’s reaction be, I wonder, once she finds out our change in plans. Moreso, what reasoning would she have for wanting this Kai fellow released? Maybe she doesn’t know? Apparently the deity Shade, formerly known as Bishop Cooper, is involved as well. According to them, my great grandfather is still out there somewhere as well. What could the endgame be? Does Hemo wish to gather them all together again? Other than their cleric, who i believe rules his nation now, I don’t remember the fate of ay others. I suppose they could be alive in some form. The questions are racing in my mind and I crave the answers as a drowning man would crave air.

Hektor told us that Maddox the helmet would guide us. Apparently I was able to will it into a tangible reality. We are still not entirely sure what it does, but I defend my claim to it. It is an artifact of my home nation, and powerful to boot. Something is pounding in the back of my head. Fate is pushing us towards something, something much bigger than being privateers. In my despair at being the mundane man in a group of magicians and inventors, hektor claimed that there was something inside of me. Some spark that has yet to be discovered.

Change is about to happen, i can feel it as one might feel the incoming spray and rumble of a great wave. I can only hope to surface all the better for it.


satheyo Saitken

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