Syrik's Drunken Sailing



其他人都是來去匆匆在時間從我過去的寫作。蒂姆是消失了,認為已經死了,在我們去攻擊一些城市。他的粗魯、 無禮,和有時犯規,但他精通他的所作所為與那些發明將錯過。我們也有撿起幾個流浪狗一路走來,一些已經死亡,有些會留。最新加入我們的船員似乎是另一個侏儒,而另一個空氣精靈。希望他們最後再然後一些人。

我與迪奧的關係只有壯大。真是奇怪,我向他,和他的"女兒"也有的連接似乎採取後照顧。至少沒有害處來到這個女孩在這艘船的上……海盜。不過,我開始感覺 Dio 不喜歡我的態度的變化。要是他知道我現在的感覺。幅度更大,清楚地看到世界,舉行權力淩駕他人之上住在我的指尖。只有時間會告訴我們這一結果吧

(Translation for OOC purposes)
So much has changed recently.
I am not even sure where to begin. We have started on this journey for hemo, truly started on it it seems. And it has lead to some….interesting developments. Not the least of which has been the dwarf. Who seemed to harbor a much older dwarf spirit inside his mind. One who knew of the place we were to go to next. This poses an interesting question. Why was the dwarf on our ship, with our crew or even around us in the first place. Was it merely coincidence or…

Others have come and gone in the time from my last writing. Tim is gone, believed dead, in some city we went to assault. He was crass, rude, and sometimes foul, but he was skilled in what he did with those inventions, that will be missed. We have also picked up a few strays along the way, some have died, some have stayed. The newest addition to our crew seems to be another dwarf, and another Sylph. Hopefully they last longer then some of the others.

My relationship with Dio has only grown stronger. It is strange, my connection to him, and to his “daughter” who I have also seem to taken upon looking after. At least so no harm comes to the girl on this ship of….pirates. Though, I am starting to sense Dio dislikes my change of attitude. If only he knew what I now felt. To see the world more sharply, clearly, to hold the power over others lives in my very fingertips.I suppose only time will tell this outcome.


satheyo MaskedIllusion

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