Syrik's Drunken Sailing

An interesting start

出發去找姬的這些"鑰匙"將非常有趣的嘗試。它把我們帶到 Sneetl 村莊完全由蜥蜴民俗村第一次。他們是相當部落,但令人驚訝歡迎外人。但為什麼那有某事做上了金屬的精靈從天空掉我不知道。他們似乎對淤他,即使他不知道他是誰,或為什麼。雖然我不會介意我自己村莊崇拜我的生物,我認為我有點接近會遵守家。然而,他們是很有説明,在我們的努力,第一他們説明的金屬的小精靈,得到他的記憶回來了,並且感到有點驚訝。看來這個宗族和小精靈,有意搜集反對 Sendrik Tharn 有不多的軍隊。在這架飛機在出生尺規。我想了一會兒,對這一消息,但決定去讓它過去吧,Sendrik 是個暴君,他甚至不是一個很好的他的子民做以及與他一樣他有控制。那裡,我希望他們都祝你好運在他們的努力中。但第一件事第一次,我們自己的使命。村長,體弱多病,卻是足以給我們的關鍵輸入第一個 orb 據說保持了山谷。

然後事情了意想不到的轉折。一旦我們開始上爬下來的山頂,我們被攻擊了。巨型恐龍從空中俯衝下來,德斯蒙德和蒂姆逃之夭夭。大翅的拍我從來沒有遇到過。技因盡力使用他的鞭子技能,反對他們,真正的收效甚微,而我們其餘的人起飛腳或飛行後偉大的生物作為他們潛逃出朋友。不過說起飛行,似乎是我們自己一直保持秘密,在這一努力過程中,它們拔除美麗多彩多姿的翅膀,就像是一隻蝴蝶,來説明我們。無論如何,這是快速的戰鬥,與正在德斯蒙德 · 唯一有趣的注解。似乎他是傷得很重,當他被猛撲過來後被放下,然後已由我,他讓出閃電的能量,令人印象深刻,不料一股洪流。野獸跌得快,和甚至塔野獸巢之一對屈服于他的權力。我們離開之前,我雖然有最後一分鐘,帶著我的 Uinen,而是兩個卵的野獸。我還沒有完全形成什麼目的是採取有了他們,但充其量會有利可圖,最壞的情況,這將是一個臭雞蛋,留給見。

(Translation for ooc purposes only)
Setting out to find these “keys” of himeko’s is turning out to be quite the interesting endeavor. It takes us first into the village of Sneetl, a village run entirely by lizard folk. They were quite tribal, but surprisingly welcome to outsiders. Though why that had something to do with the metal elf that fell from the sky I do not know. They seemed to revier him, even when he didn’t know who he was, or why. While I would not mind my own village of creatures that worshiped me, I think I would keep mine a bit closer to home. However, they were very helpful in our endeavor, first they help the metal elf get his memory back, and that was a bit of surprised. It seems this clan, and the elf, wish to gather there little army against Sendrik Tharn. The ruler in the plane in which I was born. I thought for a moment on this news, but decided to let it pass, Sendrik is a tyrant, and he is not even a good one. His people do as well with out him as they did when he has control. There for I wish them luck in their endeavors. But first things first, our own mission. The village leader, sickly as he was, was kind enough to give us the key to enter the valley in which the first orb was said to be kept.

Then things took a unexpected turn. As soon as we begin to climb down the summit of the mountains we are attacked. Giant dinosaurs swoop down from the sky and make off with Desmond and Tim. Great winged beats I have never come across before. Teme did his best to use his whip skills against them, to little real avail, while the rest of us took off on foot or flight after the great creatures as they absconded with out friends. Speaking of flight however, it seems one of our own have been keeping secrets, as during this endeavor they sprouted beautiful multicolored wings much like that of a butterfly to aid us. Regardless, it was a quick battle, with the only interesting note being desmond. It seems he was badly hurt when he was swooped up, and upon being set down then retrived by me, he let out a torrent of lightning energy that was impressive to behold. The beasts quickly fell, and even one of the towers the beasts nest were on succumbed to his power. Before we left, I had a last minute though, and took Uinen with me to rather two of the eggs of the beasts. I have not fully formed for what purpose I have taken them, but at best it will be profitable, at worst it will be a rotten egg, left to the see.


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